The Ethos of the Royal Marines

Discussion in 'RMR' started by NZ_Bootneck, Jan 23, 2008.

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  1. NZ, Your link opens the HTML page which is full of coloured and highlighted words which make it more difficult to read. If people go to this google LINK
    and then click on the title The Ethos of the Royal Marines (and not the 'View as HTML' link) it should open as a nice clear Word document .
    Harry :thumright:
  3. Changed link to Harry's clearer version.
  5. Thanks Bootneck for the article. I may not have understood all of it. I have always held Royal Marines with the highest regards. I have been out of the Marines for sometime now. But still practice the honor courage and commitment. We have always been commited to each other as no US Marine had ever been left behind. I'm simply going through an bit of research to find out how much we really have in common. Why?
    I am British by ancestry, my family came across fron London in 1883. My wife as of May 29 is from Northampton.
    I have had the priveledge of becoming breifly aqauinted with Royal Marines on two occassions. For me, it there was and is a lot of intrigue, I look at Royal Marines in two ways. My ancestry as a Marine and my ancestry as being British.

    I have been also conviced that the Royal Marines were what a Marine was supposed to be. With over 40 countries having Marines, it was the Royal Marines who forged the standards for everyone else.

    Maybe I'm living a fantasy?
  6. I also think the RM was the first (a 110 years ish before the USMC - 1775 if i'm not mistaken).
  7. I'm thinking your right mate. Wasn't the USMC formed around the time of the battle of bunkers hill in 1776??
  8. Thanks NZ.... have passed it on to those who need to know :thumright:
  9. I'm gonna find out now - I know the corps and USMC went toe to toe there
  10. Just been to that link and read it all - very very interesting. If you haven't got time to read it off the screen I suggest you print it and take it away.
  11. hold on the formation of the royal marines was 28 october 1664 ? or where those press ups i did while shouting out core history pointles?
  12. Corps birthday for the USMC is November 10, 1775. The official celebration of the Corps birthday wasn't until November 10, 1921.

    1664 is correct CR, but can you come up with the date and circumstance that Royal was added?

    (sorry folks I teach the Plato to NATO history course at the Mil College - I have my O/Cdts running all over the place finding evidence of Bootie and Jack in the area when I give the lectures on their involvement here.)
  13. In 1802 the corps turned blue
  14. king george 3rd in recognition of there distinguished service in the war with france i think

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