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Review for @Tex

Your posting history under this username suggests you have a very low regard for the Royal Navy, Royal Marines and the UK Royal family.
I’ll go a step further and say you regularly post negative threads for these three under all your usernames. It’s almost like you have a poke of chips on you shoulder.
You also have an interest/obsession in highlighting blacks, sex crimes and illegal immigrants. Ticking some of the angry moon howler markers.
And the deaths of people for extra attention.


153 posts and 18 threads of pointless.

8th of August ‘When we had a navy?’ - Prince Andrew phot in uniform.

8th of August ‘Sangfroid’ - Jokes about the Royals.

11th August ‘Blind date’ - Lighthearted YouTube comedy video of a woman being tricked into sex.

12th of August ‘Phew! Useful in battle with illegal immigrants coming by sea from France?’ - Actually a fluff piece about the offshore support vessel the Normand Frontier anchored in Cape Town South Africa.

13th of August ‘Lest we forget’ - Sir John Hayes.

19th of August ‘Another good run’ - Highlighting a couple of stupid men off the big Lizzie.

22nd of August ‘Yet another unless Verterans Minister’ - Leo Docherty.

25th of August ‘HMNB X’ - Trying to further highlight a stupid young woman.

27th of August ‘The latest edition to upset the MOD’ - Nuclear testing.

29th of August ‘Kabul’ - As folk are falling from fleeing US transports we’re informed Lucy and her assistants are helping the children.

1st of September ‘Afghan future looks even bleaker’ - The subtle manipulation by the media and China enters thoughts.

2nd of September ’Watch the birdie’ - An attempt at a funny phot.

3rd of September ‘Comparisons are odious’ - Sea salt/semen/salty-seamen, who knows?

7th of September ‘The epitome of moderation’ - You know you’re gonna need a bigger boat when you get your own thread entitled ‘The epitome of moderation’. Wants me to review a book which they have already read, apparently.

8th of September ’Nelsons nonsense’ - Blacks.

12th of September ‘Ahem” - Highlighting a sex crime.

28th of September ‘south africa that was’ - Blacks, Royals.

5th of October ’Royal Marines demise’ - Highlighting a suicide without a hint of compassion and looking to point fingers of blame.

In conclusion Spasticus, the whiff of a walty, big timing bluffer, black cat is very pungent. The only salt I’m smelling is from the crystallised splatter around your neckline, Eau de Jacques. You make pished stained old farts look like modern progressive thinkers.


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Troll Top Trump cards.

Featuring all your favorite usernames. Tex, Rumtubb, jon06, lanky, Pusser Blanket, etcetera, slopchit, robert2, greenrub, chassy, fortgang, H2SO4, jackmehearty, Unclejago, ratsroden, iffy, Ahoy, Slopchit, Jokerseeker, Konord, Artthefart.

Loads of designs for the cards, skull and crossbones, ranks of the RN (Have this as part of the game?), Ships/boats, the other side a username (And Rank) from the list and loads of categories.

GoogleFu - Chopsticks.
Woke - Sheep.
Reverse woke - Black sheep.
Sock puppets - sock for every ten, Bronze star for every hundred.
Grammar Nazis - Panzer tanks. King tiger ribbon. Or books.
PSOF - slippers with pipe ribbon.
STD - Crabs.
Snowflake - snowflakes with Silver star ribbon.
Waltyness - One bullshit.
Bookworm - Worms. (Swallowed the EOD, rearranges the letters, posts a page)
Alcohol - Rum barrels.
Drugs - ibuprofen
Elevenarife - A Black cat with 2 gown ribbon.
Outrage - Bus keys.
Bitterness - Lemons.
Attention Seeking - Dummies.
Troll - Gold stars.
Special cards such as the woolly pulley, insulates from reality. Or the wrens stockings card which eases sexual frustration. The only fools and horses uncle Albert joker card. The Moderator, Reggie, Joss and Coxswain specials!!!
The lieutenant commander +10%
The Korean stalemate -10%

What do you think @Tex ?
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Spasticus, is it not traditional when you make a bold opening post in Lil’s, that you don’t run away? I‘m thinking of entering you into this years arrse Spoty. I think you’ve got a good chance with everyone’s support.


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Idle talk when the gin pennant has been hoisted.

Apart from the obvious remark that such a critical attitude completely fails to grasp---and indeed, purposefully ignores---the most important feature of collapse theories, i.e., of dealing with individual quantum systems and not with statistical ensembles and of yielding a perfectly satisfactory description, matching our perceptions concerning individual macroscopic systems.

You'll know what I mean Chief?

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