The Engineering side of the Navy?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by luvly_jubbly, Oct 18, 2009.

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  1. Yes another topic of me being a nuisance :wink:

    So far for me as said before Air Engineering Technician is what I think I want to be, But if I get in and when the time came for me wanting to leave I cant think what jobs that could give me except working at an airport?

    I was wondering what Engineering related stuff there is as in some of the books there aint no engineering stuff that I could after my time spent go on to go offshore on the oil rigs? any ideas?

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. As said before, why worry about post RN before you have even got in, you have potentially a 30 year career ahead of you.

  3. And as I've said before:
    You will not be in the RN for the rest of your life so choose a trade which will be useful to you in civie street.
    Leaving after 22 years at 40 I still had 25 years of work ahead of me before retirement, 3 more years than I had served.
    As an ex wafoo (POAEM(R)) I found employment fairly easily.

    So yes AET is a good choice as are any of the other Engineering branches in the RN

    Do not get confused as to only being able to use your skills in one area of the civie world.
    I left after 22 years of working on aircraft and joined BAe as a Naval Weapons engineer.
    Seven years later I was repairing computers.
    Two years after that I was working in the tobacco industry installing cigarette making and packing machinery worldwide (best job I ever had)

    So your skills learnt in the RN are Very important in the after life :p
  4. In reality there are lots of companies all over the UK that supply the aviation industry and you will find that they are just as interested in the skills you will learn, as will be many other employers who just want good quality skilled staff.

    At the end of the day, how you get on after leaving the service just like how you get on in the service will be very much down to you and your attitude.

  5. Again i left as a POAEM(R then AV) and got a job as an Avionics Design Engineer (should be working now), a few mates left as pinkies and are working on trains.
    I certainly did not join up thinking about life after the mob!!
  6. I think most who want to join think that much about jobs when they leave until relatives and mates raise the question to try and stop them joining.

    The reality is most ex service people get decent jobs and have a decent 2nd and in some case 3rd career, and get something out of life.
  7. Conversely there's a guy in my class who used to work for Airbus and is now training to be an AET.

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