The End of the World is nigh.......... party on

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by wet_blobby, Dec 4, 2012.

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  1. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    So, the worlds going to end, we're all doomed.

    To celebrate this fact I'm going to throw a cyber party, I'll provide the beer and a disco. We need a location, some tunes, nibbles and shagable people.

    Who's coming and what you bringing?
  2. I'm in, its got to be better where I'm at. And considering its going to be a cyber party I will provide the tunes. More to the point I will provide music on demand through You Tube.
  3. I'll supply the coachload of nurses that were always promised on every UK jolly or ships company dance but never materialised.
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  4. You never came to one of my mess socials on Manch! Seem to recall coming up trumps for the PO's Mess more than a few times with Nurses after a couple of well placed phone calls on arrival! Perhaps that makes me the Mess Pimp ... never thiought of that! Quiet in the cheap seats!

    Anyway ... as its a cyber party I'll chip in the cyber grub prepared by a Michellin Chef (who happens to be a mate of mine)!
  5. Our calendar has changed somewhat from the Mayan days. For example they didn't take into account Leap Years.
    So according to the Mayan's the world has already come to an end ........ and we are still here. ...<FAIL>
  6. Not only did they not have leap years, they didn't even manage to count 365/6 days per year. They couldn't even predict the end of the year, let alone the end of the world, numpties! I'll provide the bouncers for the door to keep the cyber riff RAF out.
  7. Seeing as LSA is going to keep the RAF out I'll keep the Army out unless you need light entertainment, anyway as it's an end of the world cyber party, may be I should be in the real worl shagging, just in case the world ends?:hump:
  8. The Mayans are bluffing. I have a perfectly good and normal yogurt in my fridge that ends in 2013. So we know that the Mayans have blatantly lied to us people. I'm very disappointed in them and shall send them a letter of my anger.

    Corrr Blimeyy!
  9. I'm nipping down to Saigon, so I'll bring back the dancing girls that are compulsory for every cyber party.

    I've got a packet of sausage rolls and they're going to go out of date if they're not eaten soon (same as the dancing girls).

    Talking of rolls, I've got some roll mats in the loft that I can bring for the Booties to play with.
  10. Pontius
    Girls, roll mats jack will put 2 & 2 together and have a ball, if the booties see the roll mats there going to get their heads down? :pirat:
  11. Hopefully you're right, Sumo. The Booties are so much more interesting when they're asleep than when they're naked roll mat fighting. On the other hand, they might help to break up the monotony of the Viet girls.........nah, I just lied.

    Talking of sleeping; any WAFUs got a few clicky beds they could bring? They might be useful as the virtual night goes on.
  12. I need some addresses Pontius, 'er indoors and I are going on a tour of Vietnam and Cambodia next August. She can go down the markets and I can, err, see the sights, so to speak. Hanoi is one of the stops :)
  13. I'll bring the drugs, and a commode
  14. You lot can do what the fuck you like, me I'll be off doing what I always thought should be the correct thing only civalisation got in the way.
    Namely shagging everything and anything I fancy provided I can get it to keep still long enough at gunpoint whilst I tie it up.
    That snotty bastard up the road better hope her hubby is around when the alarm goes off or else she'll take a sore fanny to the next world.
  15. So what are you saying here, that if her husband is around you'll shag him, if he's not its her turn?
  16. What's this? no Blackrat? - no party!
  17. Do try and read the sentences in context you bad speaking (and reading) bastard.
    I wouldn't mind and would even make allowances for it if it were joined up writing, but for fuck sake,..get a grip.
    And as for shagging him why not? its not as if I'll have a long term stigma is it?
  18. I'll bring the super strength cider from the suspect off-license and the hoodies.
  19. I will supply a mega curry, rice, nans all the trimmings as everyone will need a good clearout after the sesh.
  20. I'll bring my amazing looks and some spare mirrors for the ladies to apply some lippy.

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