The end of the UK has begun - official

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by chockhead819, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. I visited a friend yestreday whe his grand daughter came in from nursery, her mother was fuming. The reason her daughter had been given 2 words of Polish to learn! sorry but this is england & any migrants should be learning english not the other way round.
    Since the new year we have had a massive influx of polish workers into carlisle & we now have a polish shop, a factory is giving polish lessons to the english workers.
  2. Nothing wrong with learning the language of the people who are working with you. I would prefer to learn Polish than Arabic!
  3. Absolutely!
    If we were in Poland then I totally agree.
    But we're not so perhaps they should be learning English instead but OH NO that can't happen, can it because that would mean we are all rascist!!
  4. If people are being encouraged to learn another language in order that they could be better understood by people they share this Island with, may I suggest British Sign Language. It is dead handy for ordering beers across a noisey bar also.

    And mine's a pint!
  5. So you are quite happy to pay more for food and higher taxes. The low wages these people work for are keeping the cost of UK food down and lowering the cost of many road building and other public works contracts.

    Grow up.
  6. HIGHER taxes?
    How CAN we pay higher taxes?
    The only bloody thing this "government" hasn't taxed is air, although there is a think-tank looking into that right now.
  7. Most Poles in the UK are working, normally for the minimum wage. They often live in overcrowded conditions so that they can save the maximum amount of money to support their families. As Poland is now part of the EEC then they are entitled to come and work (you may also work in Poland) I have no problems with hard working immigrants benefiting the country. I have a major problem with healthy, lazy Brits living their lives on benefits.
  8. Couldn't agree with you more on that point Slim.
    Effing Vicki Pollard types in this country need a well deserved reality check.
    I have NOTHING against Poles (or whoever) coming to this country to earn an honest living, I just think that they should learn English, not the other way around mate, thats all.
  9. Where you argument falls down though is that you assume that Poland will always be economically poorer than ourselves. What better way to secure our kids futures than to get them interacting with other nations (and a result their languages) in order that in the future if we have a situation where there are not suitable jobs here but are in Poland our kids are able to take those positions.

    Or our in you concord with the American view that everyone should learn English?
  10. I have no problem with them coming over here to work, they are really hard workers who are paid the same as anyone else in the factories round here but if they want to come here they should learm english, just as i would expect to learn polish if i went to live there.
    BTW I speak french & germany
  11. The company I work for employs many Poles because we cannot get local people to do the job (packing flat pack furniture in the main). They are hard working, reliable, friendly and the vast majority speak very good English. We need our children to be learning foreign languages, though it would seem English is foreign to a lot of our own youth...
  12. Being British is the root cause of our citizens not bothering to learn foreign languages (myself included) As English is International and used by in business and aviation we are inclined to let others learn English rather than learn another language ourselves. One of the difficulties is choosing which language to learn, schools always used to offer French & German. It would have been better for them to have offered Spanish as more speak Spanish than he other two languages. Another useful language is Chinese (Standard Chinese as Mandarin is now called in China) as they are rapidly opening up their country.
    Having worked for long periods in Thailand and China I made it a priority to speak a little of these languages, however having achieved the important bits, Eating, Drinking and being polite I got into a rut, so though I can eat and drink in these countries I am unable to hold a conversation.
    Leaning a language (no matter which) has got to be a good thing
  14. Look, you are all making good comments about the pro's of learning a foreign language, but THAT argument is totally mistaken.
    Yes it is good to learn another language
    Yes it is good to interact with people from different cultures to ours.
    But my point is that if people (economic migrants) come over here to work, then they should learn ENGLISH just as I should learn French if I went there to work (and I would be expected to) for example.
  16. I don't think any one even the school mentioned at the start was ever suggesting that we all learn Polish, all the school seemed to be doing was to get the kids to be able to use a few Polish words to show some welcome to the Poles, good manners etc. Perhaps you do not believe in good manners and showing a welcome to our visitors.
  17. Whatever Maxi, showing your true colours again.

    Twist that anyway you want mate, i'm sick of it
  18. Was the second word off?
  19. The terror weapon who I live with, is from abroad as you know. English isn't her first language. In fact when we decided to head back to blighty wiv work, she could hardly speak it at all.

    Now, she skips of to uni 3 days a week to learn the english she needs for her job (doctor). These courses are free for EU citizens and run flat out round here. Its totally correct that people in a society should speak english if that is the first language and the non english speaker really doesn't have an excuse not to do it.
  20. Lamri

    We have been down this road before, how many ex-pats working abroad bother to learn the local language, lets say Bankers in Singapore, how many are learning, Malay, Mandarin or Hindi. Yes people that need to know because they control or interact with local staff do, but a guy on an oil rig in Biafra I doubt it. Most just learn a few words and sayings to get bye, served in a bar etc.

    Any learning of any language if only a little give a greater understanding into another culture. I study Spanish, I doubt that I will ever be able to hold a reasonable conversation with a local but in a few months I have gained a real insight into the ways and actions of the locals here.

    Polisl, Yiddish, Gibberish what ever let them learn.

    Peter. Well said that man.


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