The end of cheap booze?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by SONAR-BENDER, Mar 15, 2009.

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  1. So, Gordi and the CMO have decided that the price of alchohol should be increased in England. Obviously, this is a very responsible move and has nothing at all to do with trying to roup some of the cash lost to bale out banks etc.

    I never thought I'd see the day when there was a potential for 'Booze Cruises' to Scotland or Wales! :D :lol: :D :lol: :D
  2. Stand by for more Booze cruises organized by the newspapers and ferry companies. :p
  3. Sir Liam the Killjoy will go down in history as Liam the Beer Snatcher. Better stock up on whisky, cognac and rum before the government heed his advice ( which is all it is at this stage - nobody outside Aggie Weston's Rest Home for Sober Sailors ) had agreed to this criminal, sadistic, nannyish, teetotal fundireligious idea yet.

    Thingy grabs the glass baby bottle by his bedside filled with neat methylated eau de mort and sucks away...
  4. Sorry mate but Scotland came up with this crap last week and we were talking about Booze Cruises to Carlisle! :twisted: As Wales is just a English county the price will go up there as well to cover the Bankers bail out! If anyone does come up with a Booze Cruise to France they will fall foul of the new restrictions about leaving these shores imposed by our Nazi government. Everyone has to let the Border Control agency know their travel plans even if its only a quick trip across the Channel!!
  5. Only one thing for it ..... Brew your own! Even got an old copper kettle around somewhere .......
  6. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    You 'still' got that thing..?! 8O :D
  7. I remember as a schoolboy having to put on a display for a parents evening.
    Two of us were selected to do an experiment demonstrating the process of distillation. The chemistry teacher brought in a bottle of home made parsnip wine (yes, my introduction to 'snips) and we had to make brandy out of it.
    What a thoroughly enjoyable time was had. At the end of the night the teacher came round looking for it only to find us absolutely steaming!
    The good old days, eh?
  8. It may help out pubs by levelling the playing field re prices,in that the days of really cheap booze at supermarkets/off licences etc will end, making using the local more attractive from a cost perspective....or not 8)
  9. Putting up the minimum price of alcohol is not going to make the slightest difference to those who want to go out and get absolutely crappers. The people that do that week in week out have got more disposable income than the rest of us anyway. This is just an attempt by the government, grasping at straws, in an effort to reduce drunken yob behaviour. In reality, it is pigeons coming home to roost. I put it down to the attitude of spare-the-rod-and-spoil-the-child. Twenty odd years ago child discipline started going out of the window, many kids grew up without boundries, unable to tell right from wrong and, more importantly, thanks to meaningless punishment, not caring if what they did was wrong. The result of that is those same kids, now twenty-somethings, out on a Friday & Saturday night getting absolutely shiters and kicking off. That's not to mention the feral youth who have no problem accessing alcohol, drugs, guns and knives. Putting up the minimum price won't stop them. We need a change in attitude in society, not a change in prices.

    Pubs are closing down at a rate of around 6 a day. I put this down to more than cheap alcohol prices in supermarkets. Again, I think the rot set in many years ago. Many pubs were refurbished, and let's face it, some of them needed it, but where you had a pub with seperate public bars, lounges, smoke rooms, snugs etc, they got ripped out to make a pub with just one big bar. Most of the tables and chairs got ditched to make room for more people to stand. Now, if people are forced to stand with fewer places to put down their glasses or bottles they are likely to drink quicker and drink more. (There's another cause for the rise in the numbers of people getting shitfaced).

    I think that two of the biggest reasons for pubs closing is a) the downturn in the economy which is a no-brainer really, 'cos your average run-of-the-mill familly will prioritise by paying the bills and putting food on the table over going out for a few sherberts, and b) the smoking ban. Now I'm as rabid anti-smoking as the next ex-smoker and find it really refreshing to go into a pub that is smoke free, but the problem is that if many of the pub's customers are smokers who can no longer tab up in there, they won't go, but instead sit at home with a pint (bought from the local supermarket). With not enough regular customers the pub will close, and there's one less public house for even non-smokers to use. It's happening all around us.

    The only way I can think of solving this is to return the pubs to what they were once before, with smoking free rooms, and provide seperate, air conditioned bars inside for people who do wish to smoke. I don't think this will ever happen though.

    Now I'm going to break out my home brew kit, but if more and more people go down this road watch the government cotton onto it. They will surely want to force people to buy a licence to allow them to brew alcohol at home, as a way of increasing revenue and also as another way of monitoring the activities of the general population. That might appear a bit cynical I know, but going on previous performances I wouldn't put it past them.
  10. I remember reading/hearing about the propsals in Scotland last week. One politician said the increase in price would not be done by taxation - the supermarkets would keep the extra money. My personal opinion on the matter is to raise the age limit to off sales to 21 - so those between 18 and 21 are only able to drink at home or in a supervised licensed premises. That idea is not mine however - I think it even came from someone on this site!
    The proposed price of 50p per unit, if not by an increase in tax, wouldn't affect pubs as at nearly £3 a pint they're about £1.50 per unit.

    My 2p.

    Question - does anyone have any dits on home brews on tour?
  11. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    I imagine that we'll tax it heavily in England and then start giving it out free in Scotland. :wink:
  12. Now you know you're only going to start Fink off on one. :D
  13. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Don't care, 34 -f****** 10, a state of euphoria in the Oggy household!
  14. Why the fcuk should responsible grown up people be treated like kids? Let's go to the root of the problem. Because discipline at home is non existant and the powers to be pander to the youth of today, a generation of "Fcuk you" chavs have been born. So, what to do. First, raise the drinking age to 21. If you are hospitalised, through drink, you pay all the costs incurred. Make parents responsible for the brats they have spawned and get rid of the "cradle to the grave" mentality by tightening up on the welfare state handouts. Also, start using the laws of the land properly so that the guilty take the wrap and NOT the victims.

    As an aside, if this proposal goes ahead, can we expect to see fags priced off the market? Well, they cost the NHS billions! Same goes for fatty foods, obesity cost the NHS millions. Then there is chocolate, sweets, cakes and biscuits, oh, the list is endless.

    So, lets sum it up. Most things in life are considered by some expert as dangerous for us. So what's the point of living? Lets all give up the ghost and wrap our hands in.
  15. Note to self. Go to local supemarket tomorrow, buy some gin (3.50 euros), some white rum, (4.50 euros) and a few bottles of wine (1.25 euros). When get home, phone somebody in UK to gloat!

    Fnarr fnarr :D
  16. Am I the only one who thinks all this talk of taxing booze for the benefit of our livers coming about 10 days before the budget is not a meer coincidence.Mr.Darling will be taking his cue from all this and an increase in duty on alcohol is an absolute certainty.Of course we will get all the usual BS about they are only doing it for our own good but they do realise that people will keep on drinking whatever the price.
  17. Get real!
    Now they've managed to stop most people smoking, just think of all that lost tax revenue they have to recoup.
    The nation's health, my butt!
  18. This has been brewing (excuse pun) for a couple of years and it bloody annoys me that, yet again, we'll all roll over and accept it. The minority are allowed to run wild and, rather than give them some wall to wall counselling, we all get hammered!

    So far, Donaldson has been told to wind his neck in but it can't last for long.
  19. The most dangerous thing as far as I can see is a desperate Government - can't they tax themselves out of existence?
  20. Of course if price was the real problem all those Europeans would have drunk themselves to death years ago. The first place I saw binge drinking was Norway where they have tried to get peole to drink sensibly for as long as I can remeber by making alcohol very expensive and difficult to buy. Has it worked ?

    The reality id that police actionagainst both underage drinking and drunk and disorderly adults has fallen away to virtually zero especially over the last 10 years or so. Now if you get pissed in town if the plods pick you up they are more likely to give you a free taxi home than bung you in the slammer to sober up and have a chat with the magistrate in the morning.

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