The Emperor's New Clothes... and the FCO

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Always_a_Civvy, Nov 8, 2006.

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  1. Senior FCO Official attacks politicisation of Foreign Office and in particular points to a growing reluctance by officials to fully brief Ministers about the implications of their policies for fear of stifling their promotion prospects. His comments on Iraq add further weight to the argument towards conducting an independent investigation into the Crime Against Peace - to paraphrase Nuremburg - perhaps in the International Criminal Court?
  2. It's good that some of these people have had the spheroids to speak their minds. Civil Servants aren't supposed to publicly criticise the politicians nor their policies but, when things get as bad as they are, it's unfair for them to implicated by association. I wonder if we really understand how much damage this Government has done to the fabric of the State. They have already set the cornerstones for abolition of the Monarchy; not that it is directly related to this thread.
  3. really????? Don't get me all excited now!
  4. (That cat neads treatment)(and if you leave it alone long enough, it reverses)
  5. Yes it is good to see someone stand up and ignore the party line in favour of his personal beliefs. Standing up for what you believe to be right is something which all politicians and government officials would do well to practice on a regular basis.

    The shame here is that Ross quit over it. Had he hung around he would probably have been moved or disciplined or whatever but at least he would have been able to continue to fight this and to raise the profile of the problem. Now all that will happen is that the Government will be pissed off for a week or so before the whole thing fades in to distant memory. He has effectively Hit and Run.

    More of these people need to stand up and be counted and then stay around to continue to make their point until something positive comes of it.


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