The Eddie Chapman Story.

I've read the book - 'The Zig Zag Man' or something similar, and caught the TV prog last night purely by chance. What a character! What a war he had!! Only Brit to be awardedthe Iron Cross. But didn't the Ealing Studio people do a good job with the 'bomb damage' at the Mosquito factory?
There was also a film based on this agent called 'Triple Cross' with Christopher Plummer playing the lead role of ZigZag, though I can't recall if that was what he was called in the movie.
Yul Brynner & Gert Frobewere also stars in it - - okay, with humour inserted probablt with artistic licence !


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DO look this up on i-Player, I thought it was brilliantly told. The story has been out for a long time but this programme uses recently released declassified files, and an interview that was originally embargoed for security reasons (though what those were, so late in time, remains a mystery).

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