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The E18 website - - is now up and running, thanks to a lot of work and help (and patience!) from Vic Powell. We would be very happy to add your news or information, particularly any details you may have about members of the crew. So have a look and let us have your feedback and comments via the Guest Book on the website, or by email to [email protected] The website can only improve as a result.

Vic and I hope to produce regular updates for as more information and news
comes in, and as our website skills improve. Meanwhile, please note that there may be a few glitches with this first version – in particular, it is best viewed with Internet Explorer 7 or higher and you may have some problems if you use Firefox, Google Chrome, or another browser. Also, some of the image files are quite large and may take a while to display – please be patient. We hope to address these issues in future versions.

Best wishes,

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