The Dunkirk evacuation

Discussion in 'History' started by Naval_Gazer, Apr 19, 2010.

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  1. Direct comparisons with Dunkirk might be over-dramatic but, in view of possible plans for the RN to evacuate stranded Brits from continental ports owing to the current cessation of airline flights, I thought this might be of interest. I like it because it concerns my old Alma Mater. So, who fancies commandeering a trawler for a trip across the Channel? Grab your bag meal, water bottle and revolver and off we'll go.

    From ‘HMS Vernon 1930-1955’ published by the Wardroom Mess Committee (pp.32-33):

    From ‘The Torpedomen – HMS Vernon’s Story 1872-1986’ by Rear Admiral Nicho Poland (pp.166-170):

  2. Having recently narrowly survived a trip to Denmark, Sweden, and Norway in an MFV, I respectfully invite you to stick your intended excursion across the channel, "Somewhere dark". 8O :D
    If however you find that you could stretch to the QE2 type of vessel, I'm your man. (room service expected) :wink:
  3. Ouch! Some people have no sense of adventure. Don't you remember 'Lootenant Dan' up the mast in 'Forrest Gump'? :)

    Anyway, it looks as though we'll both miss out on the current show. It's big ships only (

    P.S. The 70th anniversary of the evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force and thousands of French soldiers from Dunkirk (Operation DYNAMO) occurs between 26 May and 4 June this year.
  4. My grandfathers were both lucky to be successfully evactuated from Dunkirk to go on and fight another day. Our family have always been thankful!

    Must be time to watch John Mills in the film Dunkirk now :D
  5. The real Dunkirk was organised by one of the greay unsung heros of the RN Admiral Ramsay, who also was the Naval Commander for Overlord, so he took them of then put them back with interest.

    Regretably he died in a plane crash before the war ended

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