The Dubai Fountain.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rodgersthecabinboy, Jan 31, 2011.

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  1. >Absolutely Spectacular!
    >*To watch the fountain, click on the link below.***
    >It was done by the same people who did the Bellagio Hotel in Vegas.
    >*When it starts, click the "full screen button" at the bottom right of
    >the "small screen" next to the time of the video
    >*Be patient and wait for the fountain to do its thing, and listen to the
    >gorgeous duet performed by Andre Bocelli and **Sarah Brightman***
    > <>
  2. That is just brilliant....
  3. V. Impressive.
  4. "Fresh water Tanky.............Brow"
  5. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Brilliant!!!
    Anyone remember Ms Brightman in Hot Gossip?
  7. Lot more scenic than the Fountain in Chatham
  8. Impressive show indeed. Beautiful song too. Saw Bocelli at M.E.N. Last November and it raised the roof.

    Those Arabs certainly know how to put on one hell of a light show
  9. Ah Dubai, fcuking place oozes extravagance, wealth, and charm but unsustainable in the current economic environment. Been there on and off since 83 and even met Mrs STM there in 1988 love the place to bits hard to think you could survive living there even modestly on less than 100K a year.
    I have my dreams, friend of our bought an off plan apartment 4 years ago hasn't got past the foundations yet and worth 60% less than she paid for it.

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