The Dreaded Self harm

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by JamieJ, Jun 16, 2009.

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  1. Good day gents and ladies, I had a few problems in the past, 6 Years ago, with self harm, I applied for the Royal Marine Commandos 2 months ago and had my Application suspended because i openly admitted during my interview that i had self harm on my NHS medical records, I am very certain that this should not be a problem reading over the medical guidelines - However I told my interviewer that i had sent off for a Psychological examination with my GP personally because i wanted to strengthen my case ready for the medical, However I believe my recruiter got the wrong end of the stick and thought I meant that the GP had asked for it, Obviously due to the fact that the NHS is shite, They 'believed' they were not obligated to help me due to the fact that I had no psychological problems, So I sent an email to the careers office


    Hi, i applied for the royal marines roughly 2 months ago, My recruitment advisor was Cpt. Street - My application was suspended due to a medical problem i had over 3 years ago with self harm - I requested various tests for psychological purposes to back my case up against the medical part of the application but was unable to see a psychologist due to me being 'Not enough of an emergency', However the doctor who wrote the letter to the Psychologist and also diagnosed and treated me for the self harm believed that there were no longer any on going problems and that i was indeed fit to serve with the Royal Marines - I have however contacted my local job centre in the hope that they may be able to help me with this in any way possible but i still have not heard back from them.

    I have also been informed that there is a medical and psychological examination that is available from my local GP that is accepted by the MOD, I would like to know is this true, Or at any length would the Royal Marines, MOD be able to supply a Psychological examination of their own which would strengthen my case.
    Thanks for your time, included below are my contact details and relevant information so that you can assess my situation and review anything that has been said.


    The Careers office replied to me with;


    Dear Jamie,

    Thank you for your request which has been sent to our AFCO Medical Examiner. He has forwarded it onto the Director of Health for the Royal Navy and when a decision has been made, you will be advised of his decision.

    Thank you,


    Which leads me to the conclusion that this is obviously going to someone a bit higher in the chain of command. I Have not heard back from them in just over 2 weeks now and am wondering if this is usual, also - if this has been sent to the 'Director of health', What will be done, What can be done, and overall - What will he probably do?

    I Appreciate your time guys, thanks for reading and i look forward to your replies.
  2. For the record, I said over 3 years ago on the email because that's the minimum time allowed from episode to recruitment.
  3. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Use the search button at the top of the page, there are a lot of previouse threads on this subject
  4. Expect a long-ish wait on that referral mate.
  5. Hi Jamie J,

    Once a case has been passed down to the Specialist medical team in Portsmouth it can take some time for us to get an answer. Basically they will make the decision on whether or not the careers staff can continue with your application. There is no definitive answer I can give you on whether you have any hope. I have had similar cases with my own candidates and sometimes they will be happy that there is unlikely to be any reoccurence of the problems, sometimes they might want to have further information from one of our own specialist medical staff. The Surgeon Commander will make that decision. They are a small team at the institute of Naval Medicine and their wheels can take some time to grind out the result. You will just have to be patient!!



  6. Thanks for the replies all, as for what you (SM) said about 'sometimes they might want to have further information from one of our own specialist medical staff', what do you mean by this because this is basically what I am requesting, Who if anyone would be involved, Doctors or MOD shrinks?
  7. It's unlikely we would do an assessment on you prior to entry. It's more likely to be a letter requesting one to be arranged by you.
  8. Thats the problem though - I've tried to arrange one through various organisations like - NHS, Private - I've even asked around all the people i know, No one seems to know someone who's willing to do one, Bit of a dead end if you ask me, Would the Royal marines do a Trial period, say over training and say for instance a year after my training have someone watch me? Could that be a possibility? thanks guys, Sorry if I sound like an idiot, I'd just like to explore all possible methods, I've always wanted to do this.
  9. Why on earth did you tell them this during the intial stages of your application? These things are only an issue if you make them one. It seems many pottentially excelent recruits who would "get in" f'uck it up for themselves because they open their mouths about things that the docs don't need to know about. If they FIND OUT then fair enough, say "oh sorry didn't realise I hadn't mentioned it" or "didn;t realise it would be an issue now" etc etc. But going into the careers office saying "I have had laser surgery is this ok? Can I still join?" or "I used to cut myself is that still ok?" makes people take an interest. You are one of literally thousands of recruits each year that joins the various forces. Do you really think they have time to investigate each individual to such a degree. If you can pass the medical examinations than do yourself a favour and don't make things a problem by bringing things up that could be kept quiet.
  10. Just read this

    f'uck me mate, you TOLD them you used to cut yourself?

    I've gotta agree with nailz on that one mate, you've made a mountain out of a mole hill and I've gotta say it takes some f'ucking balls to bring up to an afco officer (mine was an ex marine) that you used to cut yourself. It sounds heaps about your personality and if you haven't got the spark to realise bringing something of that nature up during an interview would kill any chance of a career with RM stone dead then it's probably for the best they don't stick you in one of the most psychologically testing of situations (a war zone)
  11. What they said....I wish you luck however I suspect MOD will 'pass' so to speak.....
  12. I know this guys, But I thought, Be straight about it as early as possible and they might just put the ball in my court so to speak, I made my first impressions and the AFCO and were fairly good so I took my chance with it, Obviously he had to forward it on to the branch medical officer, But hopefully it'll be put to the back as a bad job and they'll decide that I've shook it.
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  14. Whereas your contribution to the conversation was to take someone else's picture and post it in here.

    I think your breaking my "you're-about-as-original-and-gay-as-my-Alan-Carr-Dar".

    See what I did there?

    And for the record - You're a double gay. No returnsies.
  15. Can't you just reapply at a different AFCO and say nothing this time. They are usually disorganised and useless at them places anyway and wont realise.

    Witsend atleast try and come up with things that are your own as opposed to nicking gimmicky pics off other sites. That type of sh!t makes you look nerdy as hell son ... can't bvelieve some people think putting these nerd-finds into threads means they insta-win a war of words.
  16. If there is a record of it, then surely you have no choice but to be upfront?

    I have no idea about how it works, or if appeals will be any use so I can't offer advice. Although I do understand joining the RM is pretty important to you, so I will say good luck.
  17. They don't find out all your medical history off your civvie doc that's for sure. I've had prescribed medication for when I came off hard drugs and other such stuff they never found out about. They can't gind out about laser surgery either. It's a myth that they find out everything off your GP.
  18. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Who wants a war of words with a retard like yourself, when a simple picture paints a thousand words.

  19. i find witsends pic rather ammusing, although ive seen them before. now seems the right time to use them
  20. Nailz - get your facts straight.

    Self harm - if you have cut yourself then it's pretty obvious to all. The scars don't heal all that well. It takes a lot of foundation to hide that.

    Eye surgery - not all eye surgery is off limits any more - you're out of date. There are still some types which we don't like but, if you do sneak in under the radar, it will become obvious in work that your night vision is shot to hell and we will then find out about it.

    And you're not in anyway, so stop talking about drugs etc. If you were in you would have been CDT'd by now.

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