The Don.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Stirling, Dec 3, 2009.

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  1. Now that Granny has been identified as our Don ( if there is anyone older on RR tuff shite) I would like to volunteer to be his Chief Enforcer, I am big, super fit for my age and a bit like Izal Medicated bog roll in that I take no shit from anyone.

    More troops needed, sign up here.
  2. Can I be the downtown Latino pimp? I've always liked fur coats and big hats, I also love administering punishment rapings and beatings to my hoes. Can I have a big American car with massive wheels and hydraulic suspension also?

    I think MrBullcrap should be the bitch who is not good enough to be in the gang and has to make the cocktails for everyone, you know the one who gets shot in Goodfellas?
  3. I'll be Johnny two-times, two-times.

    Do we get to fcuk bitches? Fcuk bitches?
  4. First two , welcome and yes to your requests.
  5. can i be the token psycho wanker who no-one likes but tolerates cos hes FAMILY and that dies a horrible death by the hands of some innocent female he terrorised with a coat hanger
  6. Mr Bullcrap should be shot in one foot, if he get's cheeky then the other foot and so on, we need him alive to be our baitch.
  7. Granted.
  8. So long as you pays me the money and don't be disrespecting me or my hoes, you can do what you want dog.
  9. Pay you money you fcukin mook? We're all part of the family here, family ya hear?

    Forget about it, forget about it.
  10. Keep it down boys, Granny is takin a nap.
  11. Hey I am the Latino pimp, I ain't part of no greasy wap family ya hear?

    I sending my homies round to speak to you boy. You pays the money to Big Sanchez and Pedro, or you gets whacked.

    I tell you fool, don't be disrespecting me.
  12. You don't wanna start fires around this family you beaner fcuk, ya hears me? Hears me?

    You send your mexican'ts or Portly Rican motherfuckers around anytime you like you fcukin mook. I'll have their heads delivered to you in a fcukin Taco bell box. You like Taco-bell you beaner fcuk? Beaner fcuk?
  13. Enter Granny...................................

    'bullcrap, you got the lunches yet'

    bullcrap - 'Nnno'
    SS,..................... BANG .....get that foot seen to an get the lunches, the Don wants turkey with mayo, I will have pastrami on rye.
  14. chicken tikka for me otherwise my coat hanger will come out to play and mrs bullcrap wont like that well not at first anyway but once the vodka kicks in she can drunkenly dream of a future without kids
  15. You fcukin greasy wap muthafcukers have been disrespectin my Latino brothers too long fool. There is a tidal wave of change coming for you and your homies and that tidal wave speaks Spanish cabron.

    Vete a la mierda!

    Edited to add: Oooh sandwiches, I'll have a BLT please.
  16. BANG
  17. BLT it is.
  18. Turkey with mayo, BLT, chicken tikka and pastrami on rye so far, bullcrap is heading out so if you miss the order shoot him in the other foot when he gets back.
  19. Can I be the fat cnut who's always cooking scran? Cheesey wham bams, spag bol and all that shite!
  20. You are in AC, more tamada sos this time.

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