The Doctor's Lament

Sung to the tune of "When Constabulary duty's to be done".

The Doctor's Lament
The portions of a woman that appeal to man's depravity
Are fashioned with considerable care;
And what at first appears to be a simple little cavity
Is really an elaborate affair.
Now doctors of distinction have examined these phenomena
In numbers of experimental dames,
And given to these ornaments of feminine abdomena
A number of delightful Latin names:
There's the vulva, the vagina and the good old perineum
And the hymen, which is present in some brides;
And there's lots of other gadgets you'd just love if you could see 'em
The clitoris and God knows what besides.
Now isn't it a pity that when common people chatter
Of the mysteries to which I have referred,
That they give to this so vital and so elegant a matter
Such very short and unattractive word.
(All together now) "CNUT!"


War Hero
Sounds to me like a doctors way of genning up for a phase test.

What was Q1
Draw and label all parts of a pussy?


War Hero
Thanks Doc.
I had the words to this, together with innumerable well known, and not so well known dits, in a small hardback book, passed on to me by an unmusical oppo. Unfortunately I left it loafing after a particularly hectic mess hoolie in the Fes in 1965, and never saw it again. I knew a fair proportion of the words, but you have just made my day by providing the rest.
Thanks once again.

2BM (G&S appreciation society)
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