The disarming of Dennis the Menace.

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by jesse, Aug 17, 2009.

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  1. :whax: I read in the "Wail[cant do links]that Dennis the Menace HAS BEEN DISARMED! No pea shooter, bow and arrow or catapault. He also has to be nice to ponces and not set his dog on Cedric. My adolesence and early teens were in the late 1940s-early 50s. Many of us had fathers and brothers still serving and the whole ethos of that era was military. Our gang had a arsenal of weponary that today would place a police armed response team on red alert the moment we crossed our front gates. Powerful air rifles and pistols, leathel home made bows and arrows, catapaults ;-and my dad who was a responsible parent; bought me a Green River sheath knife for a birthday present. We ranged the fields and woods and riverbank of Ross on Wye conducting gang warfare with the Gresily Estate[weaker than us] whilst dodging the Tudorvile[also known as Shanghigh] who were bigger and tougher than us. How times change! The worst injury was a blody nose. I hate theP.C. brigade :whdat:
  2. This PC/H&S world has gone mad.


  3. I heard about this on the wireless. How the hell can they hope to make him funny? Also, does he still warrant the name "Menace"?
  4. Cant you imagine the children falling around laughing when they read that Dennis and Walter the Softy organise a non-contact game of touch rugby at a gay-pride, National Multi-cultural day and (here's the punch line) DONT fill out a health and safety assesment beforehand!! Can you imagine!! Ohhhh what a menace....
  5. If you were armed like that how come the worst injury was a bloody nose? You must have been crap at using your weapons.
  6. :D Yep and on rereading the post even crappier at spelling :roll:
  7. Seen worse :lol:
  8. Next thing is they will banish Lord Snooty to a comprehensive school!
  9. And Billy Whizz will be reduced to Billy Slow, Sensible walk with supportive footwear and regular breaks...
  10. Have the Bash Street Kids been given any ASBOs yet? Please tell me that Desperate Dan hasn't taken up healthy eating.
  11. Not yet - but Ivy the Terrible has left school and knocked out her first kid....
  12. D D does not smoke his dustbin/lampstandard pipe anymore. :roll:

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