The Disappearance of INS DAKAR (Formerly HMS TOTEM)

bigbaddog said:

On the 9th Of January 1968 at 8 am I was still a member of the crew of HMS/m Truncheon. At about 10 am I was clinging to the after casing, it is only about 12 inches wide at that point, with an Israel Submariner and as I pulled down the white ensign he raised the Israel flag. I was no longer a member of Truncheon's crew as Truncheon was now INS Dolphin. Then Dakar which was outboard sailed shortly after that ceremony

The inboard boat was either Tiptoe or Themop. If I remember correctly we did not know about the sale of Truncheon until about a week before the hand over. Ian Ross was our Captain "The Best Captain Ever" see a picture in the gallery of him with the Israel skipper.

The next day I joined Osiris SS13 at Guzz destined for the 3rd Division North.

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