The demise of HMS Fearless

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by ex-ex, Mar 24, 2008.

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  1. Shippers

    Tried to look at this vid and keep getting errors from the site.

    Any way you can download it to this website?
  2. I had no problems downloading it :)
    Although quite a sad clip in some ways, at least she will live on in the hearts and memories of those that served on her.
  3. Very sad, I'm happy to hear that they will be putting one of her funnel badges into a museum, anyone know which museum that will be?
  4. Ok

    Hope this works! :)

  5. Always think it's sad seeing decomissioned ships - the decks that were once kept in order by an angry CBM left to rust and fall apart. Always been that way tho, I suppose.
  6. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Was on BBC South news at lunchtime today - maybe again this evening?
  7. She was to have been my first ship but she sailed for Falklands a couple of weeks before I was due to join her, I ended up spending a really tough war in central London :w00t:

  8. I enjoyed several months on her in the Caribbean in '78
  9. Does the vid work ok?
  10. Lamri

    You sir are a bloody marvel, vid works great.

    Sad end to a proud lady, but better that than sold off to some 2 bit navy and left to rot there. Glad at least her funnel badge is going to be saved.
  11. Not after kudos mate, just glad it worked ok :)
  12. Spent 3 very happy years on Fearless from 92 - 95 and she was my first ship. I was gutted to see her getting towed out of Pompey dockyard in January. Although i would have liked to have seen her saved, she was done and it was time to go. I am glad that her funnel badge is being saved and as type42stocker said, does anyone know what museum it will be in? Hopefully the Maritime museum at Greenwich or Pompey dockyard and not some little out the way one.
  13. I think its a shame any when any old ship goes to Razor Blades,even more if you have served time on them.
  14. I remember seeing an old Ton being towed out stern first from Pompey - such a sad site - all I could say was "poor old girl". There doesn't seem to be a fitting end to a fighting ship - museum ships seem dead to me, and going down fighting is really a failure of the mission.
  15. I know this is a bit off topic but is HMS Rame Head still up the Creek there somewhere ?
  16. Fearless was my first ship (92ish). Didn't spend much time on there butthey were happy times
  17. My first ship too in 84, she was CAPT DTS at the time, great trips and very fond memories.
  18. Watched a good documentary on Sky about the carrier USS Oriskany.

    Showed her being stripped out and cut about prior to beink sunk as an artificial reef off the US coast.

    I wonder why they can't do that here in UK, instead of using old ships as missile / gun testbeds or sending them abroad to be destroyed ?

    Seems to be a far better way putting them to use for artificial reefs, than eventually ending up at Gillettes or Wilkinsons ??
  19. They do some times - the problem with the Fearpid (L10.5) was she was toppers with asbestos among other things. I know this as I held the asbestos log when we paid her off. Happy days. Was on for the AER fire (although in the old cart at the time...) and was EOOW when we brought into Pompey for the final time. Nearly had an economiser fire when we were shutting down - she really didn't want to go.

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