The decline of the Australian in the UK

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Flagdeck, Jan 23, 2014.

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  1. BBC News - The decline of the Australian in the UK#

    Strewth mate.....the poms are whinging 'cos the bar staff are Poles who know feck all about vegimite sarnies or prawns on the flaming barbie....its enough to make you want to stick your digeridoo into the nearest billabong whilst whistling Waltzing Matilda.
    ......still, it'll take their minds off their crap cricket team....G'day !
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  2. Interesting comment in the article "The Australia Shop closed after 18 years' selling imported Australian food products". Which got me thinking ... what exactly does Australia export ....

    Castlemain XXX

    and other than Koala Bear sh1t ... thats about all I can think of ... surprised the place lasted 18 years!
  3. As stated above the poles only drink polish lager and the Aussies only drink Aussie p*ss! Have you seen how many polish shops there are around the bazaars (2 in huntingdon). No Aussie shops bizarrely?
    Where as Brits will drink whatever is on offer in The supermarket.

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  4. Rancid butter! There was nearly a mutiny in the fleet when the MoD in its wisdom decided to source the yellow slidey stuff from Oz instead of NZ. The stuff was foul. Same went when the tot was sourced from there too, for a very short while.
  5. Tim Tams and Shapes crackers are quite nice. Plenty of the beer is decent and I'm pleased to announce that I have never seen Castlemain anywhere in Oz. Some places have Fosters but I've never seen anyone buy it......there's plenty of sunshine at the moment, so maybe some of that could be exported to the UK :)
  6. Trouble is I've not seen any decent Aussie beer over here - can you imagine what the local supermarkets would make of a case of Darwin Stubbies???

    Anyway ... sod off ... its pissing down here!
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