The Debt we owe Libya.

As this newly found nation emerges, the minimum this country should do is to appoint
Mr and Mrs Blair as Ambassadors to the fledgeling state.
A statesman of such immense popularity, self esteem and highly regarded equally by the Israeli and American governments, the appointment of such a man is the least the UK can do.
As an added bonus Mrs Blair QC would be fully employed as a Human Rights advisor, bringing another dimension to the countries due legal process.
Both have vast experience of Libya and I believe that it is the least this country can offer them.
As a bonus, we could also send Cameron,Balls, and Clegg, three others who don't understand their electorates and renage on pre election promises.
Over to you Finks :-D
One expects the legal fraternity are crying into the G and Ts as to how much money they have lost by not being able to put Gaddafi on trial. Thy could have milked it for years.

Instead, perhaps some enterprising leach is now going to jump onto how Gaddafi's human rights were breached by not being able to be put on trial as they chase the mob who captured him and who pulled the trigger.
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