The death of the RNs real ethos.

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Montigny_La_Palisse, Oct 30, 2007.

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  1. A post on the Newbies forum has highlighted a growing trend, someone asked if they should bring their Ipod to Raleigh for basic, one reply was;

    If you don't take it (your Ipod) you will be laying in bed nighttime or weekends wondering why your the only one not listening to music.

    Over the last couple of years you see less and less people in establishment bars / on the footy pitch etc. The mess square seems to only have the old and bold in it as all the babies are lying on their scratchers playing on their laptops / listening to Ipods. Runs ashore are in much smaller, splintered groups rather than messes / departments, and banter seems to be left for those of us that have been around a while.

    Any kind of social do would see a stampeed of matelots trying to get there name on it, now you have to trawl to get people involved.

    With SLA and all mod cons in the T45s, does anyone else feel that the heart of the RN, shipmates and the huge social interaction, is being stripped away? I've seen a 22 year old in tears because he lost his mobile, and we're all aware of the Ipod / boarding party situation.

    I'm all for progress and looking after our young uns but what the fcuk is it doing to our Navy? Perhaps I've been to the wrong ships / establishments over the last few years but due to the nature of my job i've seen this as a common trend on around 8 or 9 T42s/ 23s and Collingwood / Yeovilton / Culdrose.

    Still, at least I've still got my group of snaggy old mates (As we seem to be percieved for having a social life).

    Anyone else seen / not seen this?
  2. Have seen it and all too often I'm afraid.
  3. Exactly right. The boys go off to thier bunks and play on PSP or watch personal DVD instead of interacting with each other. I had to orders guys to go on a run to London, all expenses paid and one of them booked himself an early flight home????????????
  4. I think it's a fair observation, and it's been discussed a few times. Society is changing, and the type of people we employ is changing. There is a credible risk that it impacts on operational effectiveness as team cohesion is a core part of that.
  5. Jesus were are they finding time to play on laptops and ipods at Raleigh,

    I remember getting up at 3am and polishing my boots during the night with the lads for a kit muster that day, think it was manic monday or something like that lol
  6. Perhaps because they've grown up taking these things for granted, they lack the social skills to socialise with others. After all if they've gone home after school to mummy and daddy and just watched TV and played games, etc, when have they had time to hone their interpersonal communication skills?

    Perhaps the RN need to add an extra week to Part 1 training, in week 1: Social Skills in the RN. The first part of the course would involve lining up said electronic devices on the Parade Ground then ordering the recruits to do bunny hops all over them in their shiny new boots. Alternately they should simply be confiscated in basic.
  7. We all need our own space sometimes, though the RN is hardly the place for that.
    Today these days people take to their ipods. I used to take to the upper deck to escape the smoke, me and quite a few others. Or find a corner of the deck to have a moment to myself, but a moment not hours.
    Perhaps there are no closed worlds these days, even nuns with ipods and plugged into the internet; how else would one be sitting beside me on a ClickAir flight (check it out it is a very good Barcelona based airline)flights you can only book on the internet.
    My theory is that some of us older ones have never been accustomed to much personal space, it would have been thought either rude or wrong to do your own thing. Nowadays younger people, by and large, and I stand to be corrected, do have their own space in the way of bedrooms etc.
    Whether it is worse I know not but suspect that the effects of this are masked by technology which has come along quickly in the last decade.
    Will the present generation in 20 or 30 years time be avid readers of Rumration or some such thing. I suspect they will be.
  8. Contributor Mode

    Unfortunately the Old and Bold who see our selves as the living protectors of 300 odd years of hard won tradition that was beaten into us, are regularly told we are no longer have a place in the scheme of things where PC, spin, a career path, paper qualifications and the rights of Officers, Senior and Junior rates, Health and Safety and sue for compensation now RULE.

    Responsibility, history, tradition, an ability to actually do the job, can do will do is no longer important.

  9. As an old and bold I feel that the today's sailors deserve the better accommodation. I would have loved a single cabin both on-board and ashore, however it was not to be. Ar sea as a PO it was not unusual to have to share sleeping accommodation with 30 to 40 others and even ashore at Daedalus it was 4 man cabins.
    Single cabins do not necessarily mean the end to mixing and socialising in the recreational spaces or when going on runs ashore.
  10. But it is certainly contributing to it.

    I agree that we should give our lads and lasses the best we can but from where I'm sitting the core values of teamwork and the "the man sat next to yer" are being damaged by people isolating themselves. I'm not saying we should force people into mixing or socialising, but are single cabins for JR's more damaging in the long term?
  11. I tend to agree with Slim and think that it is about time people were shown a deal more respect.
    How this impacts the RN as a fighting force for I know not.
    There were probably people who thought the end of individual messing and hammocks would be the end of an ethos.
    It's a hard question and only years of learning and mistakes, as always, will show it up.
  12. IMHO as people have been shown more respect they in turn show less respect and fail to see that they also have responsibilities.

  13. Single man cabins for JR's? Wow, things have changed. Big shock when drafted to a ship though.

    Just imagine being able to beat your bishop without worrying about waking your messmates up. Cool.
  14. Yeah but where's the fun in that?
  15. Yeah but where's the fun in that?[/quote]

    I said waking your messmates, not wanking them.
  16. And thats just exactly the kind of selfish, non-social activity that I'm talking about.
  17. I had trouble with using a walkman, I was told I would be unable to hear pipes so they weren't allowed.

    Bet the newbies don't make shelves for their pits from the corners of beer crates now either!!!
  18. A fire axe in the Tannoy had the same effect...
  19. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hmm, sounds like some sour grapes from those who never had such creature comforts... and yes, I am old enough to have had a mess square pit and taking part in al sorts of mess deck shenanigans.

    Did you lot drip when then they replaced hammocks with bed springs? 8O
  20. Quite! And I wasn't to pleased to be told I had to sleep on a mattress that someone else had been using as a surrogate lover either.
    Having to drag it to the stores with more DNA samples than a whores knickers was not the best experience.
    Sorry to be crude but if it has got better then I am glad of it.

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