The 'Dear Leader' has declared Victory in Iraq!

Of course if I were being cynical I would note that the Dear Leader is currently up to his ears in the mérde and needs a feel good story to distract the peons…


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How many poor families are missing a loved one this crimbo because of our brave politicians?

I wouldn't give them the steam off my shit.
rod-gearing said:
Why not swap the soldiers with the MPs and see how they get on with little or no support etc. Soon change their tune me thinks.
Now, don't be silly Rod ---- everyone knows that MPs are far more important than soldiers to be wasted on the battlefield - they keep telling us so, and voting themselves massive inflation-busting wage and pension rises to reflect this !!


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Or put MPs on performance related pay? You just know that the slimey b'stards are going to oversee under inflation wage "rises" for every public sector worker whilst awarding themselves a 10%+ payrise.

How many days a year do these cockroaches work? is it less than a hundred?
MPs award themselves a website pay rise
Parliamentary committee recommends MP pay rise

By Daniel Griffin 18 Apr 2007
MPs have voted to award themselves a £10,000 a year pay rise for new websites as part of their communications allowance. The hike was recommended by a parliamentary committee to improve communication between MPs and taxpayers.

MPs already pocket £7,000 for printed communications, which allows for the distribution of constituency newsletters, press releases, petitions, contact cards and hosting of online surgeries. It must not be used for campaigning, fundraising, recruitment of party members or for running surveys and polls.

The extra £10,000 is intended to make the content on MPs’ websites more uniform and to help them communicate more openly about their parliamentary activities.

Jack Straw, leader of the Commons, said: “The purpose of this allowance is to contribute to better public understanding of what this parliament is about and what it does.â€

Straw said some material currently found on MPs’ sites would not have been allowed under parliamentary print rules.

After examining a variety of MPs’ websites, Dominic Johnson, managing director of website design agency Miramedia, said: “MPs’ websites generally follow the same pattern of content: a biography, parliamentary work and announcements, constituency and national news, and lots of photos. But even the slickest of sites should cost no more than £7,000 to set up and around £1,000 a year thereafter to maintain.

“If they were to use standard off-the-shelf Web 2.0 technology such as, the sites could provide excellent functionality at a fraction of the price.â€

Liberal Democrat spokesman David Heath added: “We have to be extremely careful when awarding ourselves yet another allowance of substantial size without a clear indication of how the money spent is to the advantage of our constituents rather than us.â€
Interesting - I've just popped onto 'my' MP's website Peter Viggers MP. His site can not have cost 10k and hosting can't be that expensive.

I've used his site to email him to ask if supported the vote, and to ask whether or not he thought 10k was extravagant.

Someone who will know better than I could answer why he (and presumably others) doesn't have a domain.

I remain, Sir, your most obedient servant
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