The day they took my dad away

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stan_the_man, May 22, 2011.

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  1. I was five when the bobbies took my dad away to prison in 1962, he had paid his income tax to the wrong person - the landlord from the local pub rather than the Inland Revenue. 6 months in Walton prison and for me and my young Bro great day when he came home from Liverpool in this fcuking massive steam train to platform 4. Sadly he then had to pay "supertax" so 80% of what he earned went to the taxman, lost our house me and young Bro in care nil education for 18 months.
    Poor old fcuker died in 1993 while I was in Bosnia he was still working at 69 years old, sunk twice in WW2, today I learned that if I live on benefits all my life I can finish work at 65 on a full old age pension without paying a fcuking jot.
    Great country this no wonder they Q up in droves to enter!!

    Leslie S RIP you old drunken bastard
  2. Sorry to hear about your Dad, RIP Leslie S, a similar story with my Dad who sadly passed away when he was 50, having worked all his life and never claimed a penny from the state, due to tax reasons etc to do with his will my Mum was still working full time when she passed away aged 67, who also never claimed a penny, seems there are a lot who make full time dole scum their chosen career path, a rule here in South Australia is that you are not allowed to claim the dole if you are under 25, you must be either working or in full time education...maybe pointing the youth down the correct path, and shed loads of work here in the mines which pays a huge amount...but don't send the dolescum over.
  3. I'm 67, worked for 50 years non-stop, apart from two weeks twixt leaving the Andrew and gaining useful employment. On retirement I had the maximum state pension and a second private pension set up by my employers. On retirment I found out that although the state pension isn't taxable on it's own, it is chucked into the calculation if you have a second pension. The upshot is that I now pay 20% tax though I do get quite a high tax coding. I can't get help with rent, rates, council tax etc. Yet some scrotes can remain unemployed throughout their lives and get the earth thrown at them. I know what I'm going to do in the next life. :winkrazz:
  4. I don't think it's ever been a secret that this country is not only not geared to help those who make provision for their later years, but actively penalizes them.

    And soz about your dad Stan, I lost mine years ago, he was broken by the little slit eyed fuck pigs in Japan, and between beatings, starvation and disease, didn't have much of a start in life.
    He was 20 years old when the bastards got him and never stood a chance of making old bones. He died aged 57.
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  5. Such a fcuking unfair world eh me I'm just lucky I got 32 years mans time in but they never counted the previous years from 16, dad never really complained I think he quite liked being banged up and I was too young to know how my mum got by but we did I think I had a lot of uncles!!!!she died 4 years ago and sad as it seems she had more money from the state then than she could spend because she was to old to enjoy it

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