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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Flagdeck, May 18, 2011.

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  1. Whilst serving at Commcen Whitehall in the mid 60's we had a 'tea bosun' who's sole pupose was to 'feed and water' the working watchkeepers. Being an enterprising lad, he would supplement his tea making duties by providing sarnies, baps, crisps, nutty bars etc. charging a fair price (plus his expenses). He would push his trolly with the tea urn and goodies on display all around the Commcen throughout the watch. After approx 6 months he could often be spotted driving round London in a powder blue, Triumph convertable sports car. Suspecting a possible security risk, The DO sent for him and asked him how could he possible afford to be driving a sports car around London. 'Simple, Sir'... he said.... 'I work for the Navy four days a week'
    Anyone else done any moonlighting ?

    (To clarify... four days. Watchkeeping 2 days on, one off, two days on, 3 off)
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  3. London money tub.

    Was in GYA twice and did stints for the 3 T's Agency and Securicor on days off.
    However - another memory springs to mind.

    "Main Gate" (where you got in and handed in your ID Card for a pass, if I recollect
    correctly) was usually manned by non-comms ratings who worked with the
    watches. They also lived out, enjoying the extra wonga that a draft to Whitehall
    entailed. One certain chappie (old'n'bold and mad as a box of frogs), was adrift
    for duty and so, naturally his contact details had to be ascertained in order to
    get him out of his rack and into work. (He'd been there a while). When his
    "contact telephone number" was rang it was answered thus:

    "Eros Erotic Cinema - how can I help you please?"

    Turned out that rather than spending the extra cash on some sort of accommodation,
    he had opted to get his swede down at the back of a porn cinema when off watch,
    and come into work for a bath and a change of clobber.

    I recall him getting trooped/fined and removed to some sea-going grey thing rather quickly.
  4. I had a scam on the same lines at whale island, I have posted before but will reiterate.
    I was pay office flunky and used to fetch the WRENS their buns at stand easy.
    I soon cottoned on they were 3d in old money at the parade canteen down by the parade ground and 5d at the NAAFI.
    I made a fuckin fortune by running down there every day.
    There was an old ww1 tank parked outside the armory where the steps ran down onto a small car park where the parade ground tapered into a triangle shape. It was divided from the parade ground by a very low chain link fence.
    So one day dressed in my faded patched just off a ship number 8 shirt and equally tatty trousers, I became engrossed in watching them repairing the tank. When I thought it time to get down the bottom canteen I ambled off in a dazed gait across the car park.

    "YOU!!!! STAND STILL" I heard in the back recess of my distracted mind. I ambled on sedately. "YOU STAND STILL" this time it penetrated and I casually glanced around thinking some poor bastard was getting it stuck to them.

    To my horror the chief of parade was standing rigid staring straight at me.
    Come here double march he bellowed. Struck rigid with abject terror I realized I was the poor bastard.
    I double over to him and stood up to attention like a ramrod, it would have put a grenadier guard to shame.

    "You walked on my parade ground" came the accusation.
    "No chief I was on the car park"
    "You walked on my parade ground" he came back.
    I was about to repeat my denial when he said quite emphatically, "about turn".
    I did and as I turned he almost orgasmed as he said in a voice like an excited child, "gaze upon the extended bounds of my realm"
    Oh fuck the chain is missing and no cars.
    "Do you believe in space travel "? he asked.
    "Yes chief " I said almost crying.
    "Orbit around the extremes of my universe and contemplate a kit muster until I order you to re enter, do you understand"?
    "Yes chief"
    He recalled me at the end of dinner time "Out pipes" and then chased me all the way to the pay office to inform the chief writer of my crime and punishment.
    My profit margin died immediately as I explained why I was down the parade ground and I collapsed in a great heap of flem and blisters.
  5. Was he any relation to a Lt/Cdr at Whaley who used to pick himself up for being scruffy, and double around the Island? Bro...or something his name was
  6. Trap one Buck, his name was Brothers and his sidekick was Knight. (Black mac to his associates)
  7. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    As the last Caterer of the Gunnery School in HMS Drake I, and my team of trusty warriors, looked after the final classes passing through. Everyone was moving to HMS Cambridge and there were only the final classes to qualify before Devonport Gunnery Shool closed its doors. At stand easy and dinnertime we made a fortune supplying tea and pasties to those lazy sods who couldn't be bothered to go to the Dining Hall. A daily trip to Ivor Dewdneys, outside St Levans Gate, to collect pre-ordered pasties for dinner. It was a sad day when the Gunnery School closed.
  8. I heard a similar dit but it's second hand so could be bolleaux.

    A young lad with a watchkeeping job at.....oh lets say Northwood again....decided to supplement his income by working at McDonalds during his offwatches. Now being a matelot and having somewhat elevated intelligence and motivation compared to the other burger flippers, he started to shine in this role, simple things like emptying the gash when he noticed it needed doing instead of waiting to be told, began to earn him considerable brownie points and eventually he won employee of the month.

    Now usually this wouldn't be a problem however this particular branch of Maccy D's would post a large phot of the employee of the month on the wall for all to see. Worrying that someone from the base would spot the pic, our young enterprising matelot started having to misbehave in order to not win employee of the month, eventually he took it too far and was caught gobbing in a burger or something and was fucked off out the door.
  9. Watch keeping at the pierhead/maingate ,week of days a week of nights and 13 days off, left lots of free time.

    Southampton docks employed a lot of casual labour.loading/off loading cars, Jags, Land/Ranger Rovers, Fiestas, ka, Transits etc forklift driving banksman it was useful having the tickets.

    Didnt see many matelots there but plenty of Percy from Marchwood, even worked over there once and once unloaded fertilizer from a freighter at Portland, but that was after I left.
  10. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    There was a large bakery at either Guz or Pompey that a lot of matelots used to work the night shift at
  11. The Schweppes depot at Hendon used to provide we Whitehall watchkeepers with casual labour on their delivery trucks. Straight after a 12 hour all night on we'd get the tube to Hendon to check in. Then we'd be allocated our truck (already loaded) and our driver and set off to do our deliveries (Pubs and clubs anywhere in the Greater London area). The first stop was always the transport cafe.....double eggs, bacon, sausage, mushrooms etc....courtesy of our driver. Then off to do our deliveries. If you were lucky and got a central London area like Soho, where all your drops were close by, you could be finished by 2pm. Depending on how long you took to drink the obligatory half the landlord gave you at each drop. Then back to Hendon to load up for the next day before checking in the office for your dosh. £10 for a days work (cash in hand).... equal to a weeks pay in 1966..... (Fed and watered as well).....Needed the 'benzzies,' staying awake pills before venturing to the pub though. .....after being awake for about 40 hours one could start to hallucinate....... well it was the 60's ! :happy3:
  12. i did this job as well in 1970 i was living in a flat in richmond with my new wife at the time , i got the draft after serving for a few years on hms kent , i left whitehall & joined the eagle .
    my car them days was a vauxhall victor red & i used to park right outside whitehall & had a tussle one day with paul raymond over a parking space outside whitehall theatre (happy days).
    brian burgess me1 093396 sir!
  13. Served with a Wafu who was doing something simmilar, got sent to the Doc cos he kept falling a sleep, the Doc gave him more to help him stay awake!

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