The day I shit myself part 2

Jump forward 21 years March 2003 ARK ROYAL we had just landed 40 Cmdo onto the Al Fawr penninsular, in defence watches and a really old Stan decides to go up to the GDP to make sure the lads and lasses manning the upperdeck weapons are ok, raise morale and dish out a few bollockings to keep the guys on their toes. Chemical threat was high but Stan being a lazy old bastard didn't take his NBC gear with him when he exited the citadel onto the upperdeck.
Just chatting to the guys when fcuk me the chemical alarm goes off - laugh about it now but everyone except me gets their ressies on quick time mine is 9 decks down on my pit, they are all looking at me through the lenses of their AGRs I felt like a fcuking canary down a coal mine. Not sure to this day if they wanted me to croak or not!! All I kept thinking is what a cnut I was and tried to hold my breath as long as a pearl diver!!
Sometimes they really don't pay you guys on the frontline enough!!

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