The day democracy died

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by snorkypig, Jun 27, 2007.

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  1. Gordon Brown will be prime minister by lunch time today.
    Now apart from the obvious howls about how this man was never elected in the first place what would like to see him do,and what do you think he will realistically do.
    Trying to keep this thread from degenerating into GB is a chimp is the objective of the day.
    Personally I would like to see him reduce benefits on a sliding scale over a period of time.This may discourage work shy youngsters refusing to work more than sixteen hours a week or risk losing their benefits.(whatever happened to pride).Realistically I think he will continue increasing the value of benefits to the point where it becomes not only more economically viable to be an unmarried mother but we start seeing people actually getting divorced to become better off.
    Whilst i except their are always exceptions to the rules injured soldiers/disabled people who deserve or gratitude,compasion and respect any system that encourages able bodied men and women to refuse to work more than 16 hours a week or lose benefits IS flawed.
  2. It's my opinion that if you have never put anything into the country then you should not be entitled to vote. The old days of having to own property before being entitled to vote was wrong. However just as wrong is allowing those who have never contributed to have a say in how the money is spent.
    Perhaps for the non worker the right to a vote could be awarded to those who work for the community.
    Perhaps if this where to happen the government (any party) would reform the benefit system.
  3. Considering your wrong on the first two points, Gordon is not expected to be called to the palace until mid afternoon, and Gordon is the duly elected MP for Kirkaldy, perhaps your argument looses some of it's thrust.
  4. And so England becomes a fiefdom of the Scottish Raj…
    God help us all.
  5. Maxi,

    He was never elected leader of this country though.

    And why should we have a Jock in charge of us, they want independence, shove them all (MPs) back up there to look after themselves.

    Why cant England have independence??
  6. Neither was Blair, he just happened to be leader of the Labor Party just as Gordon is now.

    Personally I would be quite content if England took what balls it has left and went to play somewhere else
  7. So would I.

    It would mean one less handout, to Scotland and another to Wales.

    At least Bliar had an English constituency, just!
  8. Take us out of the EU immediately. Re establish the Old Commonwealth trading partnership (if they will have us?)
    Half the benefits to those on long term hand outs, give the savings to pensioners.
    Stop payment for Quango bosses, Make it voluntary work.
    Stop the madness of unlimited immigration.
    Stop benefits to immigrants until they have paid in for three years.
    No voting rights for immigrants until they are citizens.
    No citizenship for at least 5 years of beneficial, tax paid work in the UK, and then only after taking a "proper" Citizen ship test and swearing allegiance to the Crown.
    Get rid of the Human Rights act, in it's present form. Make Police Chiefs and Judges more accountable to the people.
    Not much really, but it would be a good start.
  9. GB is a chimp
  10. According to yesterdays Wail London is the biggest subsidy junkie in the UK with more spent per head than even in NI.

    Can England afford to keep that up.
  11. Maxi this thread is to sugguest what you would like to see Gordon brown do and what you think he will realistically do.If i wanted some argumentative nationalistic three year old i would have mentioned it in the subject title.I'm sure people are also capable of following a thread without you requoting their original text at them.Grow up son.

  12. Some good ideas have been expressed but imho England needs to go it alone . Forget the Commonwealth as that has been the source of excessive immigration . The EU would also be best given the big A as it is another source of massive numbers of people flooding into the country . England has proved in the past she is capable of recovery but maybe not while her life blood is being leached by so many . England has all the tradition and so many great things it would be terrific to see her on top once again . So , that's what I would like to see the new PM do , declare independance for England and concentrate on home issues instead of overseas matters .

  14. Well if the news this morning is right, Alistair Darling is rumoured to be the new Chancellor so Government is turning into Blackadder....

    GB - General Melchett
    AD - Captain Darling 'Morning Darling'
    HH - Baldrick
  15. We don't elect anyone as leader, we elect individuals into parliament.

    My MP hasn't changed, yours hasn't.

    There was no credible challenger for party leadership, so everything was above board.

    There is little economic sense in that.

    But back to the initial point I'd like to see faster liberalisation of the marketplace, increased transfer of public services to the private sector and a rationalisation of the welfare system.
  16. We're not big enough to be worthwhile.

    The global economy has moved on........
  17. Comsidering my first post refered to the glaring inaccuracies in your starter for ten, and you have not responded to that, but resort to attempted insults.

  18. Karma what do you mean rationalisation of the welfare system?.I think most people know that welfare system budget is the biggest drain on this country's economy which begs to challenge the fact that if the numbers of unemployed have dropped by so much how does the welfare budget increase by so much year on year.Any ideas as apart from pensions the welfare system is the biggest time bomb this country has ever experienced.And i would openly admit i am no expert on this, if state pensions actually come out of the welfare budget i apologise now before some one rips me up for being thick.

  19. Maxi you are still just picking up peoples posts rather than adding anything to the topic.By all means add something constructive or shh.And yet again i know what i have written no need to requote it.No more insults please give us your views on what you would like to see gordon brown do or what you feel he realistically will do.Apologies for the quips earlier but picking up peoples inacurracies in posts considering we are not experts is you must agree slightly easy and slightly lame.

    (it's this after noon not lunchtime! sorry my mistake)

  20. And I thought a Jock on the back of a "Bank of England" £20 note was bad enough!

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