The Dartmouth Pack

Have had little contact with the College since 1960 but I think the hunting pack has disappeared, but can anyone tell me the breed of the dogs in the pack we had at the college in the early 1950's?
Possibly you're googling the wrong thing. The Britannia Beagles (ie beagles) are still alive, well, and at the college. Although obviously since the ban the hare population of the South Hams has been safer - having said that they rarely used to have any success anyway...
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you won't get very much about them or most other packs from the internet, simply because they're all a bit worried about persec. There are 2 pages on them in the 2005 college centenary book, and, if you've got a tenner to spare on Amazon, Admiral Eberle wrote a history entitled "Jim, First of the Pack" in the 1970s. You may remember Jim's grave by the squash courts, half way down to Sandquay? He was the first hound in the pack, although he was actually a jack russell, belonging to Lieutenant Guy Mainwaring, who was the founder of the pack, huntsman and first master in 1870. Not sure what the situation now is but when I was at BRNC just over 10 years ago beagling was a wednesday and saturday games option...

For some background to beagling and what it was (pre-ban), you could try the website of the Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles, google AMHB.
I spend many hours a day researching a wide variety of subjects for the Triple Nine Society, and the question came up from a member with a lot of interest in hunting dogs. My own interest is mild, by comparison.
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I very, very nearly stole one in the late 80's. As a young Bootie we got a speed draft down there because of a security threat from PIRA, whilst bimbling around on patrol we came across the kennels and this little runt of the litter beagle that had been separated from the rest of pack and isolated because it was going to get topped in the morning. The bloke looking after the dogs told us this as we stopped for a chat.
Me and my oppo moved on and I made my mind up to steal the runt and save it, we did another lap of the college and a couple of hours later we came back to the kennels and I made my move to save the puppy, the ****er was gone, I hope someone else stole it, poor little mite.
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