The danger of having a shaggy bush...

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by sussex2, Jun 6, 2009.

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  1. And I thought that you were changing batting sides :p :oops:
  2. Poofters batting line up. Opening up for the other side :oops: Sussex2 and Thingy. Comming in at No 3 to bat 42 :roll: :roll:
  3. 8O 8O :roll: NO chance of that, no no, none whatsoever!
  4. Not even for butch looking females, like Thingy does?

    What about Kyties?
  5. Does being in a wheelchair make you thick? - all she had to do was go left or right up the road a bit.

    God I hope I don't lose my CDF when I'm her age.
  6. What, not even NZB in drag (Danny La Royale :twisted: )
  7. Kyties?? Never been a rice queen me...
  8. There used to be a tool hire company just by the A27 at Chichester that had great billboards and displays outside - it was called Beaver tool hire:

    'Trim your bush with a Beaver tool'....made I chuckle did that!
  9. Back on subject (sorry) but if she's disabled and needs a scooter how come she could stand up on the fcuker :?:
  10. And a quote from "Your say" in the article

    alfieconnection, brighton says...
    12:40pm Fri 5 Jun 09
    i was nearly killed when i got entangled in a womans massive bush, i had a lucky escape, thank god for brazilians.

    And could this be our Sussex2?

    jonathon, Brighton says...
    1:57pm Fri 5 Jun 09
    sussex2 wrote:
    'alfieconnection, brighton says... 12:40pm Fri 5 Jun 09 i was nearly killed when i got entangled in a womans massive bush, i had a lucky escape, thank god for brazilians. security word. horse- Ooooh! Lucky you!
    Do, please be careful in future. I had a friend who got entangled in a woman's bush and we could not find him for 3 days.

    Mary Hinge, Brighton says...
    6:03pm Fri 5 Jun 09
    I like to keep my bush neatly trimmed just in case someone unexpectedly bumps into it.

    sussex2, shoreham says...
    1:03pm Sat 6 Jun 09
    Anyway sod the lot of you. I'm off to become entangled with at bush of my own choosing..
  11. Because (and on a serious note) some people, although are able to stand and potter around very short distances, are totally incapable of travelling anywhere much further than beyond the end of their garden path.

    A valid point was made though that if there is a crossing close by she should have bloody used it.

  12. Indeed it could. I like to keep up with local issues! And if you ever want to read an huge amount of crap in one paper, then you could do far worse than the Argus. Indeed if you ever think RR contains some shite at times, take a gander at the Argus and you'll find that RR is up with Mastermind compared.
  13. Agree with that as my old man had breathing snags and couldn't walk far so used a scooter, still bleeding dodgy standing on one though as their not that stable, proved that by playing silly buggers with my dad's after he died (couldn't half shift though)
  14. True, a neighbour of ours pranged his due to excessive speed. We had to rescue him! The things weight a ton when you have to pushed them a couple of miles, especially when the tracking is buggered.
    He was a veteran of the raid on Dieppe and we didn't mind a bit. He died a few months back at the age of 92 and still had more spirit in him (sometimes literally) than half the other people I know.
    He was a game old bird though and would have appreciated the humour in this story...
  15. For those who don't know the lady in question is a constant whinger in the 'Argus'..seems to think the world should move for her, and her alone.

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