The Damned United

Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by The_Jimmy, Sep 13, 2009.

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  1. Manager of Notts Forest way back when I believe.
  2. Way before then he was at Derby County :wink:
  3. Another idiot who can't get the name of the football team right.

    Let me explain for the hard of thinking.
    Notts is the contraction of Nottinghamshire, just as Derbys is for Derbyshire, and Hants is for Hampshire, etc.
    There is a football team called Notts County (formed in 1862) and there is a team called Nottingham Forest (formed in 1865). The latter is often known as Nottm Forest because Nottm is a contraction of Nottingham.

    So once again, and just to be clear, there is no such team as Notts Forest. Despite being part of the profession it is amazing how many football players (and commentators) still get it wrong. Having said that, while many players may be fleet of foot they are not necessarily fleet of thought.
  4. What a splendid oration about football and Nottingham, but tell me sir can Nottingham wood play football and do you remember the poaching sh*te bag Clough 8O :D :wink: :wink:
    I do he stole Trevor Francis :twisted: :evil:
  5. Sadly I am not privvy to the inner workings of a football club nor the preferred cooking methods of St Clough. :wink:

    I do believe that a sum of £1,000,000 was paid for the services of Trevor Francis, therefore not theft; and as it was at that time a record transfer fee, certainly not cheap.
  6. What, you do not know anything about football?
    I am utterly outraged, and the bite line was supposed to be......
    Nottingham WOOD, now do buck up and pay attention to future sprats that are strewn before you. :twisted: 8O :D
    Outraged, Staffordshire.
  7. I saw that you were fishing, but decided to ignore it. 8)
  8. Spoil sport :) :cry:

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