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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by The_Wonderer, Oct 11, 2007.

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  1. I think the Mail might have it wrong a little, he won't be 'leaving' the Army, hell be seconded I'd have thought, just like his dad was.
    As it is isn't he'll be entitled to wear all three service rigs, just like his old man too ?
  2. I can't imagine a matelot slapping in a request form to join the 'light blue' for 4 months!
  3. Difficult to tell, with the writing quality being typical of the DM.

    It doesn't look to me like he's transferring, just doing 8 months or so exchange with the RAF and RN.

    Time spent with the other services is very common, although usually you're expected to finish a full appointment first ;)
  4. Harry and William are different. without stating the obivious, William is unique as hes going to be KING (which will be his full time job) and has to experience everything, just like Charles did. Harry is different, he tried to join the Army as a career. Theres nothing to get insulted about, I for one welcome William experiencing all the different branches and arms of the Armed Forces, as he will be our King.
  5. Exactly he's only been in a dog watch and had a stand off for most of that!!!!
  6. And considering that he will be the future head of the armed forces then this is a very good idea.

    Personaly I think that if he wants to really serve then he should consider the submarine service as the enemy won't be able to target him personally!
  7. Although your definition of 'experience' may differ somewhat from that of the Palace's.
  8. I am sure it does, and from what I heard about Charlies time in the RN (he started of as a Crab) he certainly managed to get in some of the experiences you are thinking of. One story I heard was that on a foreign port visit on the first night Charlie went ashore with his detective who carefully steared him away from the places that were innapropriate for a future king, the second night Charlie gave the detective the slip and visited all the places he had been kept out of the night before.
  9. Lol , good on you Charlie ,
  10. I just get a bit annoyed at the thought of him being able to say....
    "ah well, I'm a bit fed up on these subs today, I think i'll go and have a week with the crabs; in fact, **** it, I think I'll just go home and put the kettle on eh?

    What will happen if he decides he wants a spell with the bootnecks?
    Shall we just hand him a green lid, and tell him to keep his head down?
  11. He could ask Uncle Eddy for advice about the Booties!
  12. It's hardly like that. Call it basic training for future sovereigns. Same as YOs go round the different departments on board to "gain an appreciation", William is doing the rounds of his (future) Forces to get an understanding.

    Another Charles dit: apparently when an OC, he was caught riding his motorbike up and down the main drag at BRNC. When asked by the OOD why he was doing that, his reply was "because I couldn't get the land rover up the stairs".
  13. :thumright:
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  15. OK I bit, but it is very early!!! :thumright:


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