The curious case of the handcuffed boy


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Pompey News said:
A schoolboy turned to firefighters for help after getting stuck in a pair of handcuffs. The eight-year-old was taken to Copnor Fire Station by his grandmother on Sunday after finding the cuffs in his mum's bedroom.

Members of the Copnor crew reckons it's one of the strangest jobs they've seen. Green watch firefighter Dan French said: 'The little boy came to the fire station with his grandmother and had the cuffs hanging from one wrist.
'Before we released him I asked if he was on the run from the police but he assured me he wasn't. And then his grandmother said he'd found the cuffs in his mother's bedroom. She immediately realised what she'd said and put her hand over her mouth. It's beyond my wildest imagination why someone would keep handcuffs in their bedroom.'
8O :oops: :wink:

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Surprised the Fire didn't lop his hand off whilst trying to remove said object!!!

"want the roof off the car mate??""
"Just let me asses the casualty mate""
"want the roof off the car mate??""

Fcuking Fire Service groundhog day continues!!
rod-gearing said:
josiecats said:
i bet she was those cuffs are not cheap you know.....

(errrrmmm not that i have any idea eerrrrr eemmmmm oops)
Depends where you buy them from.Try Ebay
bet you have a few loafing around on your station Rod for special moments with your crewmate!!! :thumright: :thumright:

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