The Cruel Sea

Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by Trigger_92, Feb 22, 2010.

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  1. So after having a good look through the ' Favourite Book ' sticky, im thinking of buying ' The Cruel Sea '.

    Has anyone read, and if so, what did you think of it? If anyone has any other recommendations, please feel free!

    Trigger :)
  2. Brilliant book, better than the film and that was good.

    Recomend; The Jungle Is Neutral by F. Spencer Chapman. A Percy book about the war in Burma. But still good
  3. Ive never seen the film, i think ill read the book first then watch the film!!

    Ill have a look for that topstop, cheers!!
  4. Film is what legends are made of!

    Snorkers good 'o!
  5. The film should be part of the joining routine on your first ship.

    When I first joined the Newcastle they made me and two other lads watch the film whilst wearing our number 1s with inflated life jackets, stood too attention and saluting any officer or ensign who appeared on screen for the entire length of the film. If we failed to salute we would have beer cans throw at our heads.

    Good times. :D
  6. Good drills!
  7. Definitely the right way round Trigger. The book is much more detailed, and the mind can build up pictures from Monsarrat's writing that it would be hard to reproduce in a film. Once you've read the book, the film can seem quite tame, but, of it's time, the film was nevertheless a classic, and remains so today. Jack Hawkins as Ericson is superb.
    I hope you enjoy both.


  8. Did they not make you do that as well?
  9. Nope not my first ship, I joined the Geordie Gun boat as second ship
  10. Roger.

    It was a tradition that we continued on the Exeter.
  11. That's fcuking blasphemy 8O
  12. "'am the First Lieutenant around here and dont you forget it!"

    Top ten movie for me....the book is good as well
  13. On the Gleaming Glasgow, my first ship, the source branch AB's and Killicks wouldn't allow me to watch the TV. My place on the floor in the mess square wasn't in good view of the TV. I finally made to the mess seats by time I left the ship however I was still in the corner not in view
  14. I can also recommend:

    The Master Mariner also by Monsarat.

    Make sure you read both Vol 1 - Running Proud
    and Viol 2 - Darken Ship.

    Historical novels, but the same detail and accuracy as The Cruel Sea.

    Vol 2 is incomplete as he was still writing it when he died.
  15. What he said. A brilliant book and an excellent film.
  16. Excellent :D

    To avoid failing incase this happens to me when I join my first ship, ill begin by marathon watching it over and over again and memorising where the officers appear!!

    Once I've read the book of course ;)

    I've just finished reading ' In foreign fields ' and whilst I'm waiting on said book getting delivered ill have a start on ' 3 commando Brigade ' I'm sure there's a RM pictured in the book that I met last summer when I was still at school, he was a crewman on board a sea king based at HMS Gannet when it flew to my school! It looks identical to the man himself!

    Edited for Mong spelling due to use of Blackberry :roll:
  17. Anouther Monseratt book is "3 corvettes"

    It consists of his "notes" from his time on his first ship, jimmy on the second and the command of his third. Realy good book with lots of realy funny little dits.
  18. I shall refrain from ordering for now until i have read the book, but it looks great :D

    And thanks for all the other suggestions guys, ill look into them all!!
  19. Such a good film. Might dig it out of the cupboard tonight and watch it again.

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