The Crapiest Crimbo Givesits.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by trelawney126, Dec 24, 2010.

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  1. Whats the crapiest most useless pressie you've received this Xmas.
    The sort you'll never use and haven't the common decency to give to someone else next year?
  2. The gift of laughter.
  3. I did :D .
  4. Shouldn't have gone in your Dads cupboard then
  5. The sight of my dear wife straining the turkey gravy through her tights. :eek:ccasion9:
  6. I've got 7 kids,five boys and two girls,today I opened 6 bottles of aftershave gift sets and a box of hankies! One of the aftershaves came from a son in the USA,not blessed with brains to much is he.
    Needless to say their Mother had some nice things,are they trying to tell me something?just as well I sent them nowt.
    I think they are waiting to pack me of to an old peoples home,there's one near Berwick with vultures always sitting on the roof,just waiting!!
    Merry Xmas!
  7. Shampoo from my nan, even though I always shave my head. But its the thought that counts.
  8. It might help you work the dreadlocks out of your pubes though mate
  9. Bottle of After Shave from No 1 son, had a full set for last ten years 8O
  10. 2 x 2 packs of M&S underwear wrong size and cut despite telling missus and number 1 son which size and cut was required outside the shop.

    Youngest (6) made a toy for Father Christmas off his own bat, left instructions on how to play with it and a thank you card because he thinks nobody cares about Father Christmas - made my day.
  11. And so it should shippers, nice touch :lol: :wink:
  12. I got a dog training DVD and book, all I need now is a dog!! :thumbup: :lol:
  13. Think I can top the lot.
    A do it yourself Walting Kit given to me by the father in law (ex Nat Serv Pioneer Corps)
    A black blazer with what appears to be an RN Officers cap Badge sewn onto the breast pocket, and a miniture badge the same design on the lapel.
    Any Walts prospective or otherwise want to bid on said item? :cry: :cry:
    (I suppose the thought was there)
  14. I got a set of car mats. Anyone who knows me is aware that I have a 650 motorbike. At present 'google' can't seem to offer any assistance in how I'm supposed to attach these fukkers to the bike. :roll:
  15. Back to 'going Commando' then, eh? :wink:
  16. You might fit them on this motorbike
  17. Put it on ebay - you'll make a fortune from some sad fcuk
  18. Going Commando at work is not an option for me, at all other times it's mandatory... :wink:
  19. No less than 4....FOUR, Gillette aftershave gels in little seperate parcels from 3 kids & wiff (I'm currently sporting a set)

    1 x tin of anti-freeze from daughter (who likes a lift to school :? )

    2 x bags of filter coffee from little R12 (bless :) )

    However, eldest lad got some 'Minger Trump cards' for little R12 8O and I have to say are the best thing I saw this xmas (if not for a 10 YO)
    Trouble is, every time I now see a minger I just want to tell her I could make her famous..!!! :D
  20. Got a set of barbecue tools once. They were very nice but I live in a friggin flat.

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