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OK, I have had enough of lazy journos (hi if you're reading this for ideas!) who do not do proper research or spell checking. Publish and be damned!!

Time and again we on RR have to put up with 'the HMS X' and other errors etc.

So, in a case of 'don't get mad, get even' let's put all their mistakes in one place, for the amusement of RRers and the embarassment of journos.

I'll start the ball rolling with the tale of a radar that destroys missiles. Only it doesn't. It is a radar which IDENTIFIES targets which are then engaged by the ship's missile system. Royal Navy shows off latest radar system which can knock missiles out of sky | Mail Online

Please add you tale of woe below!


The Mail on Sunday printed a load of shit about the MAA relaxing its rules to allow rivet joint to fly.

****ing awful rag.


Although it's no longer current, I'd like to include the following:

Purely for the following sentences:

"The 45kg projectile flew 200 yards through the air and hit a metal container."

"and two 12.75in 'Sting Ray' torpedo tubes, which are normally submerged below the water but were exposed by the tide at the time of Wednesday's accident."

Unfortunately I can no longer find The Suns' artists impression with the 12 foot flame shooting out the back of the torpedo.

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If it is 3.2 million, then that's what they should have put (could not read the full article as I do not subscribe)

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