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The countdown has begun.

Treated myself to this for crimbo.

Looks nice but PU leather is just another name for plastic. Would have been better buying a real leather one. More expensive but far longer lasting and more comfortable in hot weather.

What's for dinner?


A freshly disemboweled seal is stuffed with up to 500 small arctic birds. It is then sewn shut and sealed with seal fat to prevent flies from getting in. The birds are buried and left to ferment in the carcass for 3 to 18 months. Kiviak is eaten by biting off the bird’s head and then sucking out the juices inside, but the birds can also be eaten whole, bones and all. It is especially popular during the arctic winter celebrations, especially during Christmas.

The Phillipinos eat gollied eggs , not a clue how they know the little blighter inside is about to peck its way out....... and then gets boiled to death.

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