The coolest thing you will ever see

There willl never, ever be anything better than that. Not unless there is one day a war between 12 foot robot ninjas with flamethrower eyes vs dinosaurs with death rays on their heads.

I am now hunting down some Stormtrooper hi-tops.
They're out in January, I'm strongly considering buying a few pairs and keeping them in the plastic. Apart from the Yoda ones which I'll be wearing in the mess.

"Are you wearing trainers PO?"

"Fcuk off, these are Yoda's shoes!"

"Oh, sorry."

I am a fcuking Star Wars geek and I'm proud of it, these have got me born again hard.
And there's me thinking the coolest thing ever was a perfectly formed canopy above your head whilst parachuting whilst serving in Nothern Ireland.
Silly me, I must get out more ....
wannabefpilot87 said:
Clown_Puncher said:
wannabefpilot87 said:
What the fcuk would you know you janner slag?
How rudeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I'm a cornish girl and proud of it. Living in Plym for 3 years does not count! :wink:
Well something turned you into a pointy headed retard and i doubt very much it was living in guzz getting turked up the wrongun by her majesties finest!!! 8)
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