These were the main points in Mr Brown's speech
:: Extra £400 million for the Armed Forces.
:: Security and intelligence counter terrorism to get an extra £86 million.

:: £8 billion more for the NHS.

:: Science investment to rise to £6.3 billion.
:: Capital allowances to be
:: Corporation tax down from 30p to 28p - lowest of all major economies.
:: Small companies tax rate from 20p to 22p from 2009.
:: All companies to have £50,000 investment allowance.

:: Bilateral agreements with several countries. First carbon capture scheme to go ahead.
:: Efforts to save world's second-largest rain forest.
:: New zero-carbon homes up to £500,000 exempt from stamp duty.
:: £800 million for Environmental Transformation Fund.
:: Energy efficient mortgages planned.
:: £300 grants for pensioners installing insulation and heating.
:: Households can see VAT reduced to 5% for energy saving.
:: Landfill tax to rise by £8 for each year to 2011.
:: Relief on empty premises restricted to three months.

:: Biofuel discounts extended.
:: Most fuel-efficient cars see road duty cut from £50 to £35.
:: Fuel duty up 2p a litre this year and next year - but this year's rise deferred to October.

:: Duty on spirits frozen.
:: Pint of beer and litre of cider up 1p each, wine up 5p a bottle, sparkling wine up 7p.

:: From 6pm, 20 cigarettes up 11p.
:: Anti-smoking aids see VAT cut to 5%.
ianthesmudger said:
BH - you sat down and worked all this out last night? Should've come with me on my rig wouldn't care this morning....

I knowwwwwwwww -- :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
How much of this new money for the armed forces has already been announced? and on the land fill tax bit I've just had a letter from my contractor telling me it's gone up £10 - £25 dependent on the size of the skip.

If any of you have Student loans or have kids with them beware, he's flogging those off to the highest bidder, so instead of a letter from the Gov enquiring about your loan expect a bailiff and higher interest rates, because, they're not going to give gordy good money and then not be comercially hardnosed about making a profit out off there investment.
One of the finacial analists on the radio last night had estimated that this budget will increase Gordons take from personal tax by nearly a billion and from companies by about a quarter of a billion, some give away.
And some of the hardest hit will be single young matelots, booties and squaddies who have had the lower end of tax relief cut and are unable to get family credits, great insentive to join up for 14k and under.


War Hero
Why is it that the majority of the country is waking up this morning and thinking "We've been Conned" - Just maybe because we have - again!


War Hero
safewalrus said:
Why is it that the majority of the country is waking up this morning and thinking "We've been Conned" - Just maybe because we have - again!

Knew before went to bed....

Other half was extremly happy when she heard about the 2p cut in tax - she wasnt so happy when i explained about the 10% hike in tax as she is now paying 20% not 10%.......

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