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The Commando Helicopter Force


I’m wondering if someone could help me or point me in the right direction. There are similar threads already up but when I click on them I get “404 error” or they are very outdate, nevertheless
I’ve got my entry date to join Raleigh as an AET and I’m wondering about squadrons after you qualify. Ideally I want to join squadron 845 or 846, CHF. My question is do you get given a squadron or do you choose or give a preference etc. Cheers


War Hero
Firstly, understand your wanting info BUT!!!
Try not to get too far ahead of yourself.
Raleigh first, concentrate o getting through phase 1. Then HMS Sultan and phase 2. #Maxpowers has recently been through it as a AET, so having a read of his experience may assist and possibly even answer some of your questions.
As for CFH and the 'Junglie' world, hopefully, someone serving or more recent can guide you on how selection or drafting goes in these modern times.
Good luck and don't run before you can walk. One step at a time.:)


Hi Waspie,
Thank you for your reply and yes I’m definitely getting ahead of myself got a long way to go yet. I’ll have a look at Max’s experiences, thank you Again


Lantern Swinger
It may have changed in recent years, but you'd normally put your draft preferences in when you are at Sultan, but the service puts you where it needs you.

However, class leaders were guaranteed their first choice.

You can swap with people (like I did) if someone doesn't want to go to their draft but you do.


Lantern Swinger
so I have two weeks left at sultan now. Concentrate on fitness and being a tidy human I know two lads who ended up being spat out because they couldn’t iron a shirt to A4. 2B is an intense course you learn a wide variety of things but not too in depth. you HAVE to revise regularly or you will fail and be back classed and then spat out as someone I know has been... as for drafts if you want CHF you will more than likely get it as loads of lads don’t fancy green and just want to be beach bums..... and it seems they always have a large requirement for 2b lads maybe because they are bringing in MK4.
Sultan is what you make of it .The accom is basic like they don’t charge you basic haha but if your not in with a bunch of mongs ( this seems increasingly likely looking at the newer classes it seems a reverse scale of human evolution) then you should have a laugh like I have .


Hi Max, Congrats on nearly finishing And thank you for your words of advice I’ll definitely take them onboard. What squadron you wanting to join? And why if you don’t mind me asking


Lantern Swinger
Hi Max, Congrats on nearly finishing And thank you for your words of advice I’ll definitely take them onboard. What squadron you wanting to join? And why if you don’t mind me asking
. Personally 815 wildcat I think its a cool cab and I want to do the winchman course, although CHF equally looks decent Im outdoorsy so Id feel at home with some of the stuff they get up to. Ill get what I get the needs of the service.....
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