The Cold War

Now the Cold War is over (?), anyone got any good dits about it, subject to the Official Secrets Act of course: we were chased out of the Med by 3 Ivan destroyers on an SSN, so the Skipper headed west at max revs - reckoned they'd run out of fuel before he did. 3 days later, we went back past them, no problems.
Did "stuff". Chased 'em/Photographed 'em/Got Depth-charged by 'em /Played "Chicken" with 'em - just like in the movies, only with real big SSN's/SSK's...not computer generated pixels.
It was a larf wasn't it? :twisted:

No medals for it though but cares.Came back from the med as grey as ghosts in 77 when everyone in the UK were like bronzed gods/godesses,no one belived we'd being out there for 2 months. It was fun and the channel nights were tops!Skipper got the MBE for all the intel we got.
actually don't know about you guys, but as of 1996 or higher, any US serviceman can request a ribbon or certificate (i forget which) for serving in the COld War.
Jarhead said:
actually don't know about you guys, but as of 1996 or higher, any US serviceman can request a ribbon or certificate (i forget which) for serving in the COld War.
We would probably only be able to get an unofficial one from a medal company or similar. Unless the Queen grants one we wont get anything.
yeah well the one i referenced? its headed by the US Army (see the .mil on the address of the link i included? means its an official US Government military website).
Notty activated as FCS1 chasing a new variation of Krivak up the Iceland Faeroes gap in the midst of a major Russian exercise, they were NOT pleased to see us, especially as Jack was parading on the waist as we did a high speed pass, everyone made up in "Russian" style clothes salvaged from the rag bins, doing cossack dancing!!
CT told me when we flashed "Good morning - Good sailing" to them from the bridge wing signaller, he was unable to translate the reply to the Skipper as it was too "Industrial" :roll:
They did however send out four or five guys who marched up their waist, turned and waved to us, in a precise synchronised military fashion, much to our amusement and jeers of derision... then the ship turned hard towards us in a blatant (but unsucessfull) ramming attempt 8O
Tried to do an underwater look at a KARA in 74 when they were the dog's bollocks; as we went in, the attack periscope made its usual graunching noise as it went down, alerting the whole of the Med, let alone Ivan and his mates. Then comes the pipe from the sound room "I have indications of anchors being raised, gas turbine machinery being started, and oh dear, his General Alarm has just gone off". Talk about an hairy half hour....Then the skipper decides to play ASW with big bad Ivan for about five hours, letting him know where we were, so he could play too. When I look at it now, I can laugh myself silly: at the time, I WAS SCARED SHITLESS. And we call them the good old days.............
Yep UWL certainly concentrated the mind. Feathering.....louder to port.......moving aft.......and the search periscope vibrating away like a good 'un. I'm sure Barr and Stroud didn't design them for this......Kiev broke the perspex bridge windows once and as for that Delta that dived on us.
I remember the CO briefing the command team before we went under him. 'If he transmits on sea shell I want to know about INSTANTLY, ok guys'! SOOOO it's all going to plan and then tic tic tic tic........the whole world and his dog bellowed....SEA SHELL and the captain orders HSFO (high speed f*ck off) and we zoom out and around just as he comes down like a lift. Our friend Ivan was fitted with vacuum ballast tanks (as they all were) and with them you don't hang about on the roof with a married mans trim on!
Steely eyed....yep...but we were young and bullet proof and only worried about being duty first night in. Fearless and innocent...what a combination!!!!


Lantern Swinger
Hey Rod-Gearing per chance you were on the Oberon as I also came back from the med in 77 a strange ghostly white only to see the Otus coming out and they cheered ship as we entered harbor something to do with us missing the Queen's silver jubilee, who needs the medals, we came we saw and we took pictures!! :censored: lots of loverly Russian bottoms! :wav: :wav:

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