The cnut is leaving!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by smeeg, May 10, 2010.

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  1. Brown to step down as labour leader.

    Cameron you mong, you've fucked it.

    Source- times website.

    Beaten to it it seems
  2. Or are we going to have another unelected Prime Minister if we end up with a Lab-Lib pact?
  3. IF labour and lib dem form a government !!.Whoever becomes PM will be elected by an internal voting system HE she will have already benn elected in there constituancy.Like if cameron and lib dems are in cameron will be leader as he has been elected and chosen by thre party .SO where the Ferck do you get unelected from ????????????????? :D
  4. He's 'unelected' because his Party did not get the majority of votes under the current electoral system. In my simplistic way I believe that the PM should be the leader of the Party that won the most seats at the election.

    Whether that PM and his government find it easy or difficult to govern is a straightforward function of how many MPs subsequently support motions presented in parliament - Simples!
  5. I was actually first, the other one just took off. :lick:
  6. One fcuking minute - well wooopeeeee.
  7. Well, unfortuntely, that's about as bloody close as the election result!
  8. When he steps down tonight, i plan to blast Jerusalem into the street at full volume.

  9. Anti social behaviour. :roll:
  10. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Yeaaaaaaaaaa. He's gone. Bye. Don't slam the door on the way out.

    Wonder if HM Liz will take his resignation??? Of course she will.
  11. Of course our Prime Ministers are elected, they are members of Parliament who have been elected.
    We do not, as a nation, elect Prime Ministers individually, they are not Presidents.
    Thus Mr Brown was elected and both Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg have also been elected.
    I cannot think of any recent UK PM who was not elected and can't understand where this idea that Mr Brown was unelected comes from.
  12. What he said. The system is the system, the rules are the rules, we do not elect the person we vote for a party.

    The TV debates have confused the issue as have this share of the vote thing. Both are relevant when discussing electoral reform but have nothing to do with the process of forming a government when voting delivers a hung parliament.
  13. #

    He said " Fook it I'll do it all by myself rarrrrrrrrr"
  14. Beeb reckons Clegg may get deputy PM, seems the Tories and the Lib Dems have found common ground.
    I will wait and see how this pans out, it may work well or it may descend into petty infighting, just have to wait and see.
    All change it seems.
  15. Some have been speculating about a Lib-Con coalition, but already there seems to be problems; seems Lib Dems have allegedly only agreed if the under £10,000 tax break happens and other things which have sent the Torys into reconsidering all of their financial plans. Should just let Cam have it, seems like going back on promises which is indeed politicians do best anyway isn't fair on the voters. They both have such different goals as well, I do not get how it is going to work! It is bizarre as well that the party who got the least votes in a strange way have the most power in terms of deciding what happens in this mess.

  16. :roll: And the two younger Thrusters/cnuts are running the Country :cry: :cry: :cry:
  17. My main concern now is the SDR, will the Tories side with the Lib Dems and kill off the second (and possibly the first too) or stand firm and give the Royal Navy a modernised and revitalised fleet?
    Interesting times indeed, might be good times, might be horrific times.
  18. Something occurs to me and it is; who will now trust the Lib Dems in future elections.
    It's now obvious that they'll sell their soul (purely IMHO) to a party they would rarely have much to do with.
    They have their own reason but there will be one hell of a lot of people that won't forget it in the future.
  19. I just have the feeling we may come to regret the tories getting power. Time will tell I guess. And as for the Lib-Dems.....looks like clegg now has his foot in the histry books. Bout all he's ever gonna achieve after a dismal result in elections.

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