The Christmas Stiff List 2011.

November is almost done. Weathers turning a bit chilly and I think it's time to start
the Celeb ball rolling. Let the annual Christmas Stiff List Sweepstake begin.
My quid is on....errrrrrrrr....NELSON MANDELA. I think he's looking fair game
to get his ticket punched before he sits down to tuck in to a Christmas Day lunch
wiv' his mates.

The winner (who selects the celeb who croaks as close to Christmas as possible)
wins an all expenses paid trip to the "I'm a Celebrity - get me out of here!" oustide
broadcast location, and the chance to take out the entire camp with an R.P.G.

* * * * * *
Jordan will die of a massive allergic reaction to some lip surgery, and her head will explode on national TV...

-- Wait actually Max Von Sydow will cause a local earthquake due to the deepness of his awesome voice and cause the deaths of thousands of germans.
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Andy Williams is looking a good bet.

Possibly Pete Doherty/Docherty/however the fcuk you spell it and let's go for a Beatle. Paul McCartney, with Yoko Ono soon after? Might actually see an end to all those bloody re-re-re-re-re-releases after the death ones. Then Ringo will have outlived them all!
Dickie Attenborough - No inside information and as appealing as the prize is I have no plans to dispatch him but, born 1923 got to be worth a punt.
I say it every year but I reckon Shane McGowan is well overdue:


Can you also put down a tenner each way on Lindsey Lohan for me? I know she's a rank outsider but she's had good form in the past and I reckon this year she might just come through.
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