The Choir

Military wives and girlfriends sing out for TV show

Ministry of Defence said:
For the new series of his BAFTA-winning programme 'The Choir', musical maestro Gareth Malone has embarked on his most ambitious and emotional challenge to date - teaching wives and girlfriends of Armed Forces personnel serving in Afghanistan to sing. Interview by Lorraine McBride.



War Hero
I'm rather disappointed Mr Malone never thought to take the Wives & Children to Afghanistan to surprise their partners with an impromptu sing-song.

Never mind, I'll forward the idea to a TV production company...what could possibly go wrong?

The pic of the bunch is either the one on the far left, the one carrying the baby or the one in the wheel chair.

The one on the far right looks like she may have some issues with reading and writing.
There is not a lot of thing that make me well, but just watched the army WAGS choir it was if someone had lit a cs pellet in my front room.

Well worth watching and I'm not a hermmer.
A mixture of army wives and RM wives.
One wife stated that they tend to be separated by regiments etc
If it gets them all together and breaks down barriers and helps to ease the separation then why not.
I look forward to the next episode.

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