The Chimp has done it again

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stan_the_man, Oct 8, 2011.

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  1. What a fcuking overpaid thick as fcuk Rooney scouse twat, getting sent off again, oh my and meanwhile father chimp is cracking on with a betting scam. As they say ooop North "what do you call a scouser in a 3 piece suit" - the accused.
    Then we get twatted by the fcuking frogs oh well Henry Westons vintage cider £1.25 a bottle in Morrisons 8.2% weekend can only get better.:laughing2:
  2. Rooney is a childish prick...I don't give a flying hooters about if his mental state was right or not, he is playing for his county, getting paid unspeakable amounts of money and the criminal offspring throws his toys out the pram for a legal block on him and kicks out!!!!

    We need him next year from game one, he and some others forget about playing football in the street and dreaming of playing with the 3 lion crest on the shirt!! Drives me up the wall!!!!

    His dad and uncle get arrested over a betting scandal, the player involved had a irregular amount of money on him to be sent of in the second half...guess what he does...Then Mr 'i like prozzies' plays for England and gets sent off himself!! It could not of been written!
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  3. Shut the fuck up...Wayne tipped me the nod...I had £40 on him getting the early bath...;-)
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  4. I disagree, we don't need him. He is a liability, get's in the way of midfielders trying to get forward, doesn't make runs into the box and only works back when he's had his ankle tapped and is looking for retribution. For every wonder goal he scores, he puts 4 into the corner flag. Fuck him.
  5. Aye Monty he's a Gascoigne without the booze!!
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  6. Anyway its fcuking Saturday what you doing sober at 1830!! your'e letting the side down all those little throbbers just begging for it in downtown Helston!!
  7. I must admit you have a valid point on the wonder goal to corner flag ratio, but i agree with what the panel said after the game, Rooney is the man the players look to give the ball to, he see's a pass before most have blinked and he is starting to deliver cross field balls like Scholes, OK not that good but he is getting there, i am a believer Rooney should be in midfield now, he will tackle, create and use his, 'late arrival into the box' run to more use, get two goalscorers up top and i think we are have more danger to our play..

    That said, for now, i hope he gets aids from the latest whore and dies, at least then we wont have to deal with him being a childish fruitcake.

    Glen Hoddle said last night, in a by gone era Rooney would of been man marked and kicked off the park! what i would do to see vinnie jones grab his balls and give him the 'gazza squeeze' !!!
  8. Rooney? Who's he?
  9. Off to the Rodney now mate!

  10. Would you seriously want Rooney rubbing shoulders and sharing tackles with the likes of De Jong, De Rossi, Gattuso, etc? He wouldn't last 5 minutes.
  11. Yes he would, no doubting his ability, pace, strength, skill and intelligence (on the field) He just lets down everyone when he does what he did last night, but he would give anyone a difficult time in midfield....I listen to the pros in interviews and so on, Most say Rooney is the best they come up against, It say's allot when they say it.

    The likes of Gattuso and De Jong, there just animals who stop even the likes of Messi (sometimes). Just to add De Jong is one hell of a player, one of the best buys cityhave done.
  12. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Boo fucking hoo!

    Was his last sending off for England not years ago? Hardly a proliferate sinner. Dry your eyes chimps, your through!
  13. Shrek is as thick as mince and gets paid far to much
  14. Aye and get yerself back down the red light area and bang some more festering scouse whores but don't let the bimbo missus find out again
  15. Rooney is no midfielder; he hasn't got the heart and lungs for it...
  16. bet he knows a whore who has

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