The Chances of becoming an officer with only A-levels?


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Absolutely. Warfare, (including Aircrew), Logistics & Royal Marine officers don't need a degree and a degree doesn't increase the odds of selection.

TMOs can join with any degree.

Medical Officers, Nurses, Hydrographers, Environmental Health, Clergy, Engineers etc., need a vocational degree for direct entry.
Great, Also can you do your AIB and interviews before you finish your A-levels if your Predicted grades are going to make the required amount of UCAS points?
So you could apply at 15 and 9 months and then do the AIB and the tests etc, then be offered a provisional place until your results come through?


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I wouldn’t advise anyone to sit AIB prior to their GCSEs. The only reason to do an AIB in year 11 or 12 is to gain a sixth form scholarship (linked info below). Most people (and granted, not everyone (Alf!)) would benefit from having as much experience of leadership and teamwork as possible to show at AIB. In my experience the difference in maturity between a 15 year old and 18 year old is stark.


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Officer applicants can apply from age 17. As stated above, those applying for a scholarship or Welbeck can apply earlier, subject to meeting the required grades.

For those not applying for sponsor12 ship an AIB pass is usually valid 12 months and must be passed within 12 months of entry into the service.
@TechFin Besides the academics required - Do you belong to any youth organisation that provides opportunities for developing challenging leadership opportunities?

For those considering an RN Officer application suchlike activities should be among your accomplishments, young sir!
Yes, I have been a member of the sea cadet corps for 6 years and currently in the process of completing my duke of endinbugh gold award and I am also a trainee sailing instructor
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When they say you need to know naval history for the exam, do they mean things such as key dates like Trafalgar and what was the largest naval battle of the great war?
I was never asked any naval history at all at my AIB. In fact, the only navy knowledge they wanted was where ships where, not even which specific ships were there.

Whether older applicants are asked to give more details, I don't know, but nobody at my board needed to know any more information than that.
The Royal Navy has a long, deep, and rich world-wide History.

Whilst you may never be called upon to A any Qs about that, never forget that it's our heritage and worthy of at least an occasional delve or two.

eg There is rarely a newly-named RN Ship that does not carry forward the credit of her predecessor(s) and those (once just like yourselves) who served in her.
I seem to remember reading that at BRNC you're tested on some Royal Navy history, so it's definitely worth being aware and knowing it, but it's not required for AIB.
What did we ever do without the internet and its ability to field all the questions to all the subjects we know bugger all about. Only to worry ourselves shitless on what we may never be asked in case we don't know the answer to that ONE question we will not know the answer to!!!
Its 42 by the way!!!
I can confirm that with a set of fairly ropey A levels YOU CAN become an Officer in the Royal Navy, as of yesterday I am now on the Dartmouth Entry list for January '18, been a bloody long journey though!! :D

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