The Champagne Socialist

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by diesel, May 14, 2011.

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  1. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I awaits Finks comments on his hero with some interest!
  2. I bet they wish they wish they had not made the old so and so President for life now.I have never understood why Scargill was such a hero in miner's circles.He asks them to follow him into a confrontation with the government over the closure of pits and lets it drag on for over 12 months and loses the battle.He tells them OK we lost but we lost with our heads held high and then stands lamely by while not only the pits that were originally up for closure but scores more because the government wants to erode his power base.Pit closed and communities gone forever just because he thought he could bring the government of the day down to be replaced by one that would do his bidding.There are still plenty of ex mimers want to say he is their hero but I fancy this has more to do about not wanting to admit they were Lions led by Donkeys and believed his ranting speeches.
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  3. Trades Unions general secretaries, politicians, they all feather their own nests at the expense of the members/ taxpayer.
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  4. Who doesn't? Hardly an exclusive club, we all get what we can.

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  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Not forgetting that he was drawing his full salary the whole time that the strike went on, those that did his bidding and came out on strike were trying to live on a pound a day and handouts
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  6. I worked the pits for a year after leaving school and the mining village was full of pit men who had no time for this two faced twat.
    Problem was the Yorkshire miners were strong in numbers and they elected him.
    The Durham miners saw thru him for what he was.
    Then again some of the Durham and Northumberland leaders were no better.
    Graft was a way of life once elected.
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  7. Are you advocating that when in a position of influence and control you would be happy to see the people under your position to be in a worse condition to thus enable the furtherment of one's career and financial gain?
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  8. Indeed, 'hardly an exclusive club', I don't think anyone implied that it was.
  9. So you never claimed for everything you could when in the mob?

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  10. Yes........................
  11. It's some time ago and I expect that I did but we, unlike politicians and general secretaries were not in a position where we could ensure that our entitlements were very very generous. I would call that an abuse of position and feathering their own nests.
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  12. I always claimed everything I was entitled to, nothing wrong with that. It's a different thing if you are in a position to influence to your own advantage the rules about what you can claim.
  13. Must be a grunter.
  14. How very dare you, I worked for a living :angry4:
  15. I did, and even felt guilty requesting a long weekend after just returning from one .... dont ask ...painfully naive .... However I never once abused my position by setting the Gollies and Gunner's mess in 6E1 against the Tas mess in 5D2 to further my career aka Mr Scargill and his miners.
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  16. Old King Coal the bastard, he reminds me of that gay Italian Bonnie Prince Charlie, as he also led people to their destruction then legged it to a life of luxury.
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  17. I think, if he were to be a 'Socialist', he should give some wealth to the miners he abandoned. I've got no issue with wealthy socialists, as they merely wish that more people could be as fortunate as them. Ok, to go on strike and lose is one thing, but to drag it out for 12 months, endure ridiculous deprivation and police brutality, and for the leader to bugger off, there is a circle of hell for leaders who do that. BUT, a leader who tries to minimise suffering, or just represent the workers, is a perfectly good man. If only Scargill was the latter
  18. =============================


    Nail on the Head.

    But that's the big flaw with 'Leadership', Finks.

    However they gain credibility and become 'Leaders' the lesser folk always tend to follow them.............but only complain afterwards.

    But then perhaps you hadn't you noticed? ...........:wink:
  19. My old man, a miner, hated him with a vengeance but even he would say that Scargill never abandoned the miners, he manipulated them but he never abandoned them. It's easy as a serviceman, or ex serviceman, to take the establishment line and pile on the ordure but then, unless we are objective, truth becomes a casualty. Always remember that history is written by the victor. Whatever you think, Scargill represented the views, fears, the sympathies and the will of most miners, how else would you explain them staying out for a whole year and how else would you explain why the S Wales miners were the last to cave in even though, to a man, they despised Scargill?

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