The Carriers


For those wishing to get an opinion on the new carriers one of which is now at sea, I would point you to the article by Max Hastings in the Daily Mail today who suggests that both should be scuttled, or mothballed, cancel the F35bs regardless of cost and build something something more suitable for fighting a war in 2017 onwards. If as it says that they have Windows XP on board we will need all the help we can get, never mind the 150 billion cost overrun the Americans are suffering.


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Christ on a bike, not XP! It's like we never knew it was there!

And boogallooo. It's XP for a reason, the closed systems it's installed upon are specific to task and don't connect to the internet. When the manufacturers upgrade the equipment they'll most likely use a different OS.

And before anyone mentions malware just reflect upon the fact that of all the millions of infected computers XP accounts for less than 0.1%