The Caretaker - he's gone!


War Hero
fishmiester said:
wardmaster said:
slim said:
wardmaster said:
higthepig said:
How do you know that he`s gone?
I don't. I was just overcome with happiness at the thought. :D
Do you think that he's trying to find a way to come out of the closet?
Or is he with his friends from Gaydar?
He's probably gone to Thailand for the operation; or the little boys!
If he has he could hook up with Ling :twisted:
Lingy is a Nana Plaza reguular and a Soi Cowboy Ranger, these are straight bars (girlie bars)
The caretaker seems to be a real man so would use the poofs bars with names like
Man Club
Golden Cock
Adonis bar
Big Boy

Funny how many of the gay bars in Bangkok have Macho sounding names.

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