The Caretaker - he's gone!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by wardmaster, Apr 5, 2007.

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  1. Don't look now boys, but I think Thecaretaker has finally gone away! :lol:
  2. No, he's got an emergency sweeping job to do.
    Or maybe some windows to re-putty :D
  3. No he's doing the Advanced Bum Banditry course.
  4. Having new pictures done for his Gaydar account?
  5. How do you know that he`s gone?
  6. I don't. I was just overcome with happiness at the thought. :D
  7. Do you think that he's trying to find a way to come out of the closet?
    Or is he with his friends from Gaydar?
  8. He's probably gone to Thailand for the operation; or the little boys!
  9. Hey Wardmaster, don't knock the Man Clubs in Thailand got a great selection for our friends who bat for the other side. went into one in Pattaya once to see what they were like. Only stayed for one beer, Beer was about 50% more expensive in the Man bar than the girlie bars. Being a man of limited wealth I decided to invest in the girlie bars. Well that and I wanted to protect my bum from any anal intruders..
  10. Hey no! I meant really little boys, not kai tai.
  11. Wardmaster you must go to Bangkok for the benefit of your education. Its Kai Tai in Singapore but Bangkok have Katoys. Mind under their dresses I do believe that they are the same species. If Lingyai was around he would be able to continue the lesson at a more academic level.
  12. Education is a wonderful thing! :lol:
  13. Some of those katoey boys are drop dead georgeous…

    Oppo of mine thought he'd scored, kissy-kissy, hand started sliding up the thigh, kissy-kissy and tonsil jousting in full effect… hand went higher for the holy of holies… 'FUCKING HELL!!! SHE'S GOT A DICK!"

    We really should have warned him it was a he-she bar. :D
  14. Yeah go on, why was he upset?
  15. I'm overcome with sadness at the thought. Stop driving us brownhatter overall wearers away... :evil: now's where my string vest gone... :roll:

    Slim, are katoys the same thing as the kai tai then? Mind you I should have thought in Singers the main problem would be trying to avoid drowning in your own sweat - or do they have a cold season where air conditioning isn't a must? :lol:

    The Caretaker is NOT an ordained priest! Otherwise he'd either be after the choirboys or the female Polish students!


    PS: Missing Muffler..... :D
  16. Any friend of Dorothy is a friend of mine. I just don't like sad, lonely Walts who live out their fantasy lives on this website.
  17. The Caretaker isn't a walt.
  18. So he really does have 15,000 poppies in his flat in April, all ready for Poppy Day in November. Puhleeese!
  19. I for one will miss him!!! Who we gonna take the piss out of now?

    He will return , It,s probably one of those Janitor/Social Worker/Solicitor type thingy missions he,s on.

    Remember he has a laptop!!
  20. Have squeegie, will travel. :D

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