The career of a royal navy pilot.


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I think your boyfriend will know the answers to these questions and think it would be a good idea to discuss your concerns with him. If he doesn't know the answers then (a)he needs to buck his ideas up and do some research (b)having done the research he can then share his wealth of informations and (c)either he, or you, can use the search function in this site because these questions have previously been asked and answered.

if they say to him you can become a fast jet pilot can he turn it down and say he wants to fly helicopters?
.....I did like that, though :D


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@Debbie0.2 @Pontius has spoken, an experienced pilot, you may have noticed I sent him note to post if he is was around, you have to give people chance to give answers. You need to sit down with your chap and have a chat, he either knows and hasn't told you or needs a kick *********** he could be so involved with the I need to pass all exams or I don't fly anything stage of his career, he does not know what is on offer yet.