The "Cameron effect" on recruitment

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by mikko, Jun 14, 2010.

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  1. So, I heard today (the Times and BBC radio) rumors that the forces are going to get a severe hit from the Tories next cut, in terms of overall numbers serving, never mind equipment!

    Obviously we have to wait a few months for the Defence Review but is this a way of softening the blow when the Navy gets cut by a quarter and we realise those 2 year waiting lists weren't so bad!

    When will this country get it's priorities right and realise that we are an island that relies on imports for practically everything and needs it's coastline defending rather than a new duck house for the next MP :roll:

    Any thoughts, does anyone know more on this?
  2. Oh lots, probably.
  3. Frustrating mate, god knows what this will do to recruitment. Talk about moving the goalposts.

    Must remain positive! :p
  4. You just ain't gonna know what's gonna happen, I'm not worried about waiting times I'm happy to wait, it's the pension I'm worried about it's the easiest thing to cut. The fireservice are really worried about this well my brother is!
  5. Balls to the fire service. Big hairy striking ones.
  6. The fireservice are really worried about this well my brother is
    There is more than the fire service worried dont you worry about that .i mean ordinary decent hard working people as well not big wigs
  7. Well I'm old enough to remember the fact that we nearly had our backsides well and truely kicked by a certain South American country because the cuts to the RN would have meant we had no chance of dealing with the situation.
  8. That's life unfortunately. There's lots of factors that could stop any one of us getting in. Just got to make sure you never put all your eggs in one basket, and maximise your options. A lot of shit is out of our control and we've just gotta learn to live with it.
  9. Was always coming.

    Shit happens :(
  10. Its not came yet though. As far as im concerned nothing is going to happen till the big man open's his mouth and says something about it :)
  11. tbh I would have thought the RAF should be more worried than the RN......but then again I'm biased
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Already this year the intake of RN recruits has dropped from 2,700 to 1,500 - this is before the government announces any potential manpower reductions. With record numbers of applicants & a 50% reduction in those leaving the service before completion of their contract it's recommended that those thinking of joining the service after leaving education are advised to apply at the earliest possible date.

    In other words, those wanting to join after a couple of years in a 6th form college, should consider applying in year 11. If things change, you don't have to join, but at least the clock starts ticking.
  13. Not anything to do with Cameron - there was going to be a Strategic Defence Review whoever was in power.
  14. As Ninja Stoker has said, recruitment has already been cut and in the current economic climate less and less people have been leaving before finishing their "22". Not only are we faced with long witing lists for those trying to join, but Extended Career and promotion are almost non existent for some. For me personally a set of redundancies would be an ideal way to cut the 25%. Having served 20 years, I would take my money and run. Rather selfish I know, but I also know that there is no point hoping that the Navy wont suffer the cuts that make us unable to defend an island nation or to win a conflict anything like 1982
  15. Well with all these cuts on it's way into the armed forces, the security of the nation is going to be called into question.

    The British Navy is one of the smallest of the developed countries in the world............anymore cuts there and we won't have a navy.

    If I was French President, and I knew the UK would have around 15-25% cuts in military personnel, I'd seriously consider invasion!
  16. or a certain South American counrty looking for oil in the South Atlantic.
  17. I've conducted my own SDR and have decided that all we need is Trident. Any ar$eole country that's considering pissing us off and we explain to them that" We are very skint at the moment, so we haven't got the troops to come and educate you properly, so we are going to give you the big bucket of sunshine bomb if you don't wind your neck in.

    In a couple of years time we can go back to sailing round the world sampling local beers and interfering with the local ladies.
  18. Someone needs to let the argies know about this, perhaps we could convince them to ave a crack at the falks again....

    Sad really, allthough I say this in jest it is quite probably the only way to make these liberal limp dicks realise that they shouln't be pissing about the defence budget.
  19. Speaking to step mother who went in for an emergancy recuitment meeting with the army about what the cuts could mean, and its looking very likley that raf will no longer exsist merging with army!
  20. A country only takes another country to gain a benefit

    Who would want to take a country that has to pay out£124billion in benefits, has no productive trade, other than finance (and that can be conducted anywhere in the world)

    With these next cuts, we just have to stop behaving as if we were living in 1948 policing the world

    Handing out aid to others when we have nowt ourselves
    We give aid to India who build a top of the range aircraft carrier, and scrap our two new builds as we can not afford them :)

    Jack McH

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