the budget

Take one bath tub, a shed load of vodka, some fruit and stuff to make your 'punch' look fancy and a visit to this place:

Zummerzet Cider, innum.

Combine the ingredients purchased at the above mentioned shop into the bath tub. Sprinkle guests liberally about the place and quaff from the bath. Tell the missus to clean up when your head is pounding the next day.

The joys of Yeovs :D


Book Reviewer
Haggis_Catcher said:
I am a cider drinker
I drinks it all of the day
I am a cider drinker
It soothes all me troubles away
Oh arr oh arr aay
Oh arr oh arr aay.
And with this, the case for the prosecution rests!
slim said:
Maxi_77 said:
slim said:
Maxi_77 said:
Haggis_Catcher said:
Cider is the drink of gods!
and the drunks

Oi! I resemble that remark :p
Now I place myself in the gods category, and you clearly place yourself in the opther.
Oh I thought we miy just be Drunken Gods maxi :p
I certainly fell into that category after wer beat Ireland on Saturday, we may not win often but boy we enjoy it when we do

PS Darling is not my Darling

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